The Concept of Aeon

I’ve been reading the book, The Temple of Set by Michael Aquino. I have no interest in the temple itself because Egyptian mythology doesn’t interest me, but their philosophy of black magick does interest me very much.

Anyway, Aquino discusses the concept of the aeon. Crowley believed he began the aeon of Horus. Aquino claims that LaVey started the aeon of Satan, and that Aquino himself started the aeon of Set.

I’m a bit dubious, though I think it’s an intriguing concept.

What is your view on these supposed aeons?


More or less trends like how for some years maybe pop music is the big thing and then it is metal. All mostly for hype.


The Order of Nine Angles teaches Aeonic Magick. Their’s is truer than Crowley’s ideas or Aquino’s ramblings.



Hiya OP! An Aeon is really just a reality condition that effects the magic being done then, but it isn’t something that everyone experiences. Think of them like “frequency bundles”, they markedly change how magic flows and works, and can be accessed by everyone, but they’re not “world states”. People popularizing an Aeon are (un)consciously trying to step people into it, so that the feedback loop grows stronger and both the Aeonic properties and the initiator’s resonance grow. There are all kinds of Aeons, but many have been forgotten about due to the passage of time, so the instructions can be located in the Akashic Records. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that explanation makes sense.

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