The Christian perspective

So I had a discussion with a Christian about evolution today and it got me thinking about how Christian teachings don’t actually discourage alot of the scientific practices many Christians condemn as " playing god " etc.
So the discussion was pretty standard: he claims god created us and we didn’t come from monkeys, and I tell him only a complete moron would try and deny evolution. As you may expect, he promptly followed up by asking me to prove evolution to him.
So after briefly summarising evolution, I gave the example of moths during the industrial revolution. Moths in the city evolved to be darker because it allowed them to better blend in against the soot covered buildings, with predation acting as the driving force behind the natural selection. After this I was informed that he would rather be wrong about science than Jesus and that I’d be getting prayed at later ( not sure what I did to deserve such a punishment, but there you go).
It was after this that I started to think, say, theoretically, that we were created by Yahweh. Then he must also have implemented a system through which organisms adapt to their changing environment, since it’s clearly real and over all benefits the species. From this, we conclude that Yahweh implemented a system that gives the animal the tools it needs to survive, so it should therefore be using those tools to the fullest ( as they are a gift from God ).
When we apply this to our intellect, namely our ability to understand the world and then develop ways to change it to suit our needs, we see that it would in fact go against Christian teachings to show any restraint in this regard. Meaning that the genetic modification, abortions etc are all moral from a Christian perspective. If you like, you could also point to the creation story, in which Adam and eve are entrusted with looking after the world, and say that our ability to correct genetic flaws is in fact an extension of that ability.
You could apply this to spirituality as well. Why wouldn’t we harness the energy systems within us, when god clearly wants his creations to be using all of their gifts?
Just a bit if food for thought. Might be fun to pitch it to a Christian.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Christian scientists who thought like this.


The difference I think is that Yaweh wants humans to evolve in his own light while Demons and other Spirits prefer we evolve in our own image.

I learnt this via VK Jehannum’s videos so credit to him for this.


Prayers can become nasty curses, be extra careful to cleanse if you’re being prayed for.


I think it’s less evolve in our own image vs Yahweh’s image and more a matter of developing to hold Yahweh’s morals or the morals of what ever pantheon you’re working with. Effectively, the spirits use the humans as a way to increase their own influence on the world.
It’s up to us to ensure that we enter into an agreement of mutual benefit and avoid situation where we’re being used without any benefit on our end.
There’s a lot of anti Christian sentiment among the occult, and understandably so, but the categorisation of Yahweh as somehow inherently bad is an unfortunate misunderstanding. It’s less good vs bad and more just where you draw your power from. Thinking of it in terms of political parties is a good way of imagining it; you’ve got your authoritarian systems, your liberal systems, left, right etc.


I’ll keep an eye out for anything suspicious going on

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I also have doubts on Evolution as it pertains to the origin of species. Yes, the brown and white colored moth thing, but those are still moths, one of the moths didn’t become a not-moth. With all that we’ve been breeding flies, mice, and dogs one of them never became a different species.

It’s all a matter of time. Our evolution occurred over millions of years, and even now we’re still fairly similar to the primates from which we descended.
Of course you can’t evolve a fly into say, a horse, but it could evolve into a new type insect and perhaps even a wingless creature of some description. It’s all down to the selection pressures being applied to a species. Speciation occurs more regularly than you may think.
Even among humans, there are differences approaching those large enough that would cause us to define any other animal group as being two different species. Worth noting that you can have two species of the same genus.