The Christ Frequency

So I have been thinking about the Christ Archetype myself ever since M’lady brought it up. Now I am not saying that 2,000ish years ago some European White Guy named Jesus paid for my sins. In all reality if Yeshua Ben Yoseph did exist he was of Jewish/Arabic/African roots.

But his story has some interest to me. Here is a guy who KNEW who he was and understood Divine Authority. He questioned and cast out demons, he commanded the elements, and he called angels to him. He did all this without (at least it seems) being effected by their energies.

He was able to do all this and he was still himself afterwards.

Personally I think it was due to his connection to his highest self. His frequency was on a different level. I think it all came back to the internal work he was doing. That is why I have been mostly working on my internal world. I have noticed some changes, nothing too major yet. But I think that may be my goal, to become like this Christ.

Sure the internal work is not as sexy and fun to talk about as evocation, but I am finding that I don’t quite need spirit involvement as much. Things kinda fall into place, either I realize that I don’t need or want what I thought I did or it finds its way to me.

What are your thoughts on internal work BALG?

Internal work is the most important thing and should me MASTERED before you start doing other types of magick. Reason? Simple: magick comes from within.

As for Yeshua… That’s my goal too. And Yeshua’s Higher Self was YHVH. :stuck_out_tongue:

To become like him, I suggest you work with him. Internal work is best done with spirits, doing it on your own is much harder and takes up much more of your time. You’ll eventually get bored if you do it on your own.

A little off topic: I was thinking something today… Deja Vu. Can you remember the future? :wink: What do you think about this? That’s one of the Yeshua abilities, seeing as YHVH is Time itself.

Yeah…I saw the conclave of Black Magicians in a few years to come to decide globally the way to help human race, for first time in history to become gods…

I see the split of this reality into many…new earths divided again…cause the computer right now is running 2020 year instead of 2014…so a “adjust time and date” in the traybar clock of the earth is coming…

and many other beautiful things like the squares galaxys one step ahead Thaumiel…

a lot of things…yeah…

I’d go with using spirit involvement as a guide or aide with internal work.

[quote=“Orismen, post:1, topic:2411”]He was able to do all this and he was still himself afterwards.

Personally I think it was due to his connection to his highest self.[/quote]

This is why I did an evocation of my Personal Daemon - I don’t want (no offence to anyone else’s choices) any, and I really do mean ANY, other entity, godform, current, cultural or ethical preconceptions, or existing thoughtforms and worldviews between me and my power.

I have recently begun to see internal work as the key to success in magic. Not only will your chances of survival(of the more dangerous mind melting aspects of the great work) go up but you capacity for power go up as well. Not to mention magick is a weapon, and it can be utilized better by a trained soldier than by a twelve year old.

Internal work is paramount in this game. If you don’t know what you identify with and why, there will always be a great difficulty in attaining the necessary state of non-attachment so necessary for this stuff to work. That means real time in the trenches figuring how we end up in our own webs of mental and emotional entanglement. Dissecting peak experiences, influences we take on growing up, as well as times of cowardice, fear, weakness, laziness, lying, self deception all are opportunities to get at the root of the problem. Once we know the why, the how to overcome it becomes much clearer, but this often requires long periods of serious commitment to get through. Of course rituals of empowerment and magic can speed up this process, allowing for frequent and intense moments of clarity and introspection but as a day to day tool, regular self-observation is particularly useful as well. I agree with a lot that’s already been said, just my 2 cents, fwiw. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d be the odd man on this ( Virdon Djinn beat me to it) and say while working with spirits is great and all meditation and contemplation will take you very far. You’ll do we’ll to look at yourself as best you can, its one of the hardest things to do as we’re all masters of lying to ourselves.

A tough guy with a chip on his shoulder and a knack for confrontation is usually one of the most insecure people you’ll find, using intimidation and potential violence to mask their fear of being perceived as weak. A woman can’t figure out why she keeps ending up in abusive relationships but never takes the time to evaluate how her low self esteem makes her an easy mark for guys who only need a few compliments and some attention to get whatever they want or need from her.

Both these examples don’t seem to have much to do with the occult side of ones life but it’s examples like these that lead people down a path were they never feel complete or whole and happiness confidence and security are just fantasy used to sell movies.

I hate to sound all zen and what not but the deeper you go into meditation the more the answers come without asking, you’ll see parts of yourself and wish you hadn’t because now you’ll have to deal with them or just push them back and repress some more.

Couldn’t agree more, you can’t build an Empire on shaky foundations!

I’ve always been really into personal development and stuff like that as well, because sometimes we have inherited attitudes to success that are quietly thwarting even the most successful spells and what have you.

Nobody’s perfect but it’s possible to turn some personality aspects into strengths (I can get a bit obsessive with things, so I use that to do long binges of research, and it also helps me hold focus during spellwork - and, I recognise that I don’t always know when to let go of something I’m involved with, so I’m forewarned to look out for that weakness) and knowing yourself really well is going to also provide guidance on which entities to work with, to either complement, balance, or boost an aspect of your work.

Have a firm grasp on your own demons before calling others into your life, otherwise you could end up a puppet or worse.

seeing as YHVH is Time itself.

Lol. I’ll take that as proof that this “YHWH” is not the transcendent God that is pure, eternal BEING, i.e. the very antithesis of BECOMING and its “time”. Philosophastry at its best.

That would be AHYH.

“Spacetime” is the more accurate terminology, and once you grasp it you’ll understand why:

And I highly recommend reading this as well:

Here’s why:

"Clocks on the Space shuttle run slightly slower than reference clocks on Earth, while clocks on GPS and Galileo satellites run slightly faster.

Such time dilation has been repeatedly demonstrated (see experimental confirmation below), for instance by small disparities in atomic clocks on Earth and in space, even though both clocks work perfectly (it is not a mechanical malfunction).

The laws of nature are such that time itself (i.e. spacetime) will bend due to differences in either gravity or velocity – each of which affects time in different ways."

This is one of the few topics where the science of the phenomena is every bit as weird as the magickal views, and enhances understanding of it from a magician’s POV. :slight_smile:

Along with a sound psychological base, i think an interest in science is a useful thing for a magician, worse case ever being a Wiccan I knew who was in her fifties - and didn’t know how to read a compass!

My benefactor, Nidhogg, is the only spirit that works with me nigh daily with my Ascent. He doesn’t stand in my way, he guides my visions to topics that I believe he thinks I need to learn. I pay him with the lifeforce of humankind, and he gives me a guide.

I always like to do internal work. Simply because, by perfecting myself, I can alter my environment. I’m always training for that next fight, I’m always being an energy glutton, I’m always ready to simply turn around and kill someone if need be.

Through internal work, I’ve been able to see energy, detect spirits (sometimes), tune into my internal energies and move them about, direct visualization and intent to have immediate environmental effects (just today I locked a poor guy out of his office for about ten minutes just by visualizing the key wouldn’t work. They had to push it open.) and I’ve been able to tap into planetary and human energies and direct them, seeding thoughts and damaging astral and material limbs.

And guess how long I’ve been practicing? Six months.

I’m a young chap- I still have a rather full life ahead of me, and I’m not stopping when that summit plateaus.

I mean, I’ve altered my metabolism through visualization. I’ve actually acquired a slightly visible, thin astral armor- it’s outline is visible on the material plane. I’m a proficient vampire. I can sew sickness inside me and others and cure it. I can screw with people immediately because I feel like it. I can astrally attack just about anyone and any entity.

I almost succeeded in getting spirits of the dead to inhibit a person, but Nidhogg warned me against it. Another thing, I’ve attracted the attention of a dragon.

In six months.

Internal work is the most important type of work to undergo. I mean, I’m able to call a spirit of the dead into my body, and then peel it’s energy off of it before sending it back to the grave and devouring the energy. And my armor is what keeps them all out.

All due to the internal work I underwent.

well, JJ hurtak has interesting thoughts about the Adam kadmon as a model of human evolution that is beginning to arise from whitin people nowdays leading humanity to a whole new stage of evolution and incarnated christ consiousness. that’s the whole purpose of reconnective healing and morever the process of “reconnection” (That is different from a simple “healing session”).

basically, there are powers working on it in humanity, and I mean actively working in our subtle bodies and in our physical body as well.

I’ve been doing serious internal stuff for almost 2 decades. I focused on direct self and mind observation (mindfulness) which culminated in some peak experiences which I came out of afterwards with a non-dual perspective.

From my experience as you focus more on internal work you’ll lean more and more towards mysticism than magick, which is fine. This will eventually culminate (if you push it far enough) in some intense one-ness experiences where you’re consciousness will merge with all that exists similar to those which E.A. mentions in Ipsissimus and Questing after Visions.

Then there may come a decision to make. Stay on the mystic path and merge fully into infinity leaving the realm of mind behind and enjoying the endless perfection, or come back, rebuild a personality and a semblance of a human life, knowing that this world isn’t really what you thought it was.

EDIT: Example post merging problem from my notes…

One challenge I have is problem solving become meaningless when shifting into a unified perspective. If and/or when the unified state ends, the problem remains a problem due to a (conscious or unconscious) decision to interpret some things as not-ok, thus providing impetus to ‘fix’ it. This creates a cyclical experience of meanings being created and re-created frequently, and an awareness that there is no true stable ‘reality’ other than that which is rendered by the mind in order to separate reality into concepts.

The fallback point seems to be dependent on the conceptual level necessary to facilitate communication, which necessarily depends on audience, context, etc.

I posted about this in one of the “Q&A” sort of threads, I think where Timothy started a thread of things we’d like to ask E.A.'s opinion on.

I’m currently working with some stuff round this and if I get a clearer answer I’ll post it on this forum.

Closest I ever came to a christ frequency was when I woke up one day feeling GREAT! Better than I had ever felt before, king of the world, like I could do anything. It was incredible and intense.

The people I lived with didn’t notice anything amiss, but when I left for work, the half dozen or so people at the bus stop just stared at me. When I got on the bus, every single person on the bus was staring right at me. Not subtle stares either, I’m talking turned around backwards in their seat with their mouths hanging open kinda staring.

All the attention didn’t bother me at all, I felt too good. Got to work, and nobody there noticed it either. Then it wore off around noon.

What was interesting is that those who knew me couldn’t see it. Those who didn’t know me couldn’t tear their eyes away from me. It’s also worth noting I had long shoulder length brown hair and a beard at the time, and looked a lot like Jesus. It wasn’t uncommon for people to greet me with “Hey Zeus!”

Your experience sounds similar to mine after one of my meditation sessions in which I’d slipped into an altered state. Not long after the meditation I headed out and noticed random strangers would keep glancing at me. I thought that was odd as I looked as I always did (i.e. ordinary). Next, while on the bus, more stares. However unlike in your situation these weren’t “mouth hanging open” stares, but nonetheless so apart from my ordinary experience that I felt put on the spot.

I’m almost certain the reactions were influenced/triggered by the peak experience in meditation as later in the day other unintentional remote-influence sort of experiences occurred. I’m curious as to what may have triggered yours; you said you woke up feeling better than you’ve ever had. How did that come about if I may ask?

Regarding how people who already know you don’t seem to react any different while random strangers would react seems accurate from my experience. Maybe once an image forms in a person’s mind of “who someone is” it becomes a psychic barrier from seeing that person accurately. Random strangers not having any prior knowledge of you would mainly have to use intuition to get a sense of who you are, and intuition being linked to the Higher Self that can access all information, the chances of them sensing the sort of person you are can be more accurate than those of your family and friends.

Of course if you openly share to everyone your occult interests the above may not apply as much, but generally the people that know you seem to know you the least.

Orismen, I really think you’re on to something good in your original post. I’ve always suspected that Jesus, if he was in fact a real man and not a work of fiction, came here as an interdimensional person who was in touch with his higher self to a degree that the world just hadn’t really seen before. Along the way, his teachings and philosophies got misconstrued and the religion was set up to hypocritical ideals that he probably never intended. I’ve always held the personal belief that when he said “follow me”, he never meant “worship me”, but “follow my example, get in touch with your own higher self, and you can be like me and able to have these miraculous gifts”.