The chicken foot curse

Ok, so I’ve a couple of ideas on this one, and would like your opinion.
I’m looking at different methods of deployment for this curse as I’m unable to bury it 3ft deep as reccomended in EA Koettings YouTube Video on this one.

Option One - I’m considering wrapping the feet & photo etc in a petition paper, and tossing it all into a river off a bridge (still kind of a cross roads) of sorts.

Option Two - Place chicken feet & bound photo in jar with war water, graveyard dirt, nails, chilli etc, a petition paper, and either going the same river route as above (poking a hole in the jar before throwing) or something similar.

It’s a full moon tomorrow night, so I’d like to take advantage of that :grin:

Any suggestions or experiences with this particular curse would be appreciated!

I like the first one, and I’d urge you to make sure everything in the package is biodegradable, including the string (cotton or jute not polyester).

I agree a bridge is a liminal space - an in-between - and such spaces contain connections to the other realms.

You could also just bury it less than 3 feet deep - or can’t you bury it at all?

Yeah thats what I had in mind, I don’t love the idea of glass in a water way if I can avoid it.

I could potentially bury it, but it’s not the easiest task, it’s not the depth so much as it’s the location

You could also leave it where scavengers will recycle it for you? Kind of like the sky burial I mentioned in another post…

I think the main thing, is the act of discarding that angry energy from your being. It’s what makes you feel immediately better as you walk away. Then, the symbolic burial continues to ground the energy into reality. The actual details are less important than whether what you do sets the energy as you need it to go.

Bearing in mind: as much as I adore Papa Legba, I still don’t really study voodoo, the tradition this seems to have come from. But I feel it’s all the same really, formulas matter until you understand the chemistry and can make your own formulas. But a proper voodoo practitioner might have a much more formalised way to approach this that’s worth considering because it’s the base current this was rooted in.

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I think I’ll go the river route today.

I prepped the items, did the binding work at sunrise this morning. Feeling good!
I know that the river will carry the intent where it needs to go, and as the paper and feet rot and fall apart in the water, so will this person’s life :ok_hand:t2:

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