The Charge of Baphomet

Listen, my children, to the great horned beast that is before you. Throughout ages I have been given many names. To my enemies i am The Devil, and to my beloved ones I am the symbol of duality. In old ages fingers have pointed to me against the Knights Templar. I am the the influencer. I am the creator, I am the destroyer. I am the veil of night that blankets the sky, and the rising light of the day. I am God, I am Goddess. Chaos, and order. I am animal and man. To my right, my arm sits high to the word “Solve”, and to my left my arm lowers to “Coagula”. The torch above my head is the light of Knowledge, the magickal knowledge one is to attain. I sit upon the Earth, for I am the energy that resides on the planet.

Only those who embrace their true magick know my true self. And you who embraces the truth, know that there is no “one” singular truth, for everyone has their own path to follow. My only law is that all shall harness their true inner power with responsibility and respect, for those who only dabble in the magickal arts are not capable of staying in control.

Honor me however you wish, for any form of magick is in my honor. Work your rituals, call to the entities, be one with me, for I am the universe all around you. Always remember, that I am you, and you are me.



For some reason i grew some inspiration to create this. Its inspired by Charge of The Goddess by Doreen Valiente, which all rights for her work go to her.

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From “Liber A’Ash vel Capricorni Pnevmatici” by Aleister Crowley:

  1. I am Baphomet, that is the Eightfold Word that shall be equilibrated with the Three.
  2. There is no act or passion that shall not be a hymn in mine honour.
  3. All holy things and all symbolic things shall be my sacraments.
  4. These animals are sacred unto me; the goat, and the duck, and the ass, and the gazelle, the man, the woman and the child.
  5. All corpses are sacred unto me; they shall not be touched save in mine eucharist. All lonely places are sacred unto me; where one man gathereth himself together in my name, there will I leap forth in the midst of him.
  6. I am the hideous god; and who mastereth me is uglier than I.
  7. Yet I give more than Bacchus and Apollo; my gifts exceed the olive and the horse.