The Chakra System Is AN Analogy To Get Your Shit Together!

The Chakra System Is An Analogy To Get Your Shit Together!… Spiritual Woo Woo Has Distracted Us From Manifesting Greatness!… Why Are Metaphors Always Taken Literally?…

Chakras have become a cornerstone area of spirituality and occultism that has always made me ponder. Every magician at some point has a seed of doubt in their work, usually about ritual success and if what they experienced was real or not. I have found my own doubt to be more helpful than that allowing me to question concepts that many seem to accept as truth without any kind of research or question at all. Chakra’s seem to be one of these things. Before even starting this article, I can tell many people are going to be ruffled and emotionally responsive. Talking about my views on spirituality through a more tangible and scientific lens tends to have the effect of getting under people’s skin. I will start this one with a disclaimer, take what I say with a pinch of salt. I simply like to take a more unorthodox view on spirituality and magick that what most do. I will also say that this article is not aimed at every single person, just the vast majority of the community. There are practitioners out there who follow my own methodology with this system.

Many people tend to buy into the whole Chakra analogy (as a literal concept) because of two main reasons. The first is that its trendy and popular in spiritual communities to do so. Secondly is because of its origin. The Chakra concept is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. They are conceived as an energy focal point, bodily functions or psychic node in the subtle body. They are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and connected by energy channels. I personally do not fully agree with this statement and I will explain why.

We call these Chakras for a lack of better description energy nodes in the body. They are centres of energy within the energetic body of each individual. This use of the term energy is my first problem. Everything is energy, every physical thing is made up of energy that vibrates. There is no difference between the energetic body and the physical body, they are both energy. The separation of these things for communication of ideas is fair but the belief that they are separate is illogical. If chakras are indeed a thing (which in all honesty I think the name for these energy centres is unnecessary) then surely, they would be reflected within the physical body. Some correspondences of these chakras also seem to imply that. Root being genitalia, heart being the literal heart are two good examples of this. So why is this chakra system such an issue for me?

The issue for me is that the chakra system is an analogy for occultism. I do not believe there are spheres of energy at certain spots along my spine. I do however, believe that my body has a complex energetic system each organ being a centre for different things. For example, my stomach would be part of that system which is a nexus for my physical dietary health. While an energetic system does exist within the body, seven spheres of energy along the spine is in my belief inaccurate and misleading. But overall, I see it as an analogy for good health.

I pose a question, what does it mean to align your chakras? Does it mean sit in meditation and visualize these spheres balancing out and spinning certain directions in order to somehow alter the energetic state of the body? While that meditation may have some effect on the body again it seems unnecessary. Why visualize the energetic change in my body through meditation when I can act physically to do that? I pose another question. What will make my over all health better, meditating on being health, or changing my diet and exercise routines? My point here is that while the idea of being spiritually evolved through the use of these mystical techniques may be appealing, they do not offer any longevity in their effects or impacts on your living conditions. I can meditate every day on being healthy but until I implement an actual change into my behaviour and routines that will not happen. It seems for the most part chakric techniques only fool the mind into differences that do not last. It’s a distraction for real life changes. Now I am not saying meditation and other various techniques aren’t valuable. I encourage meditation to anyone. However, it also has to be recognized that meditation isn’t going to fix every aspect of your health, mind, and over all living conditions. Only action is going to do that. So, what is the analogy for chakras then?

The Chakras Are Symbolic Of Certain Aspects Of Our Health!… Aligning Our Chakras Is The Act Of Shaping A Better Lifestyle And Routine!!!

Each chakra in my view represents a different aspect of our health. Things that we know make very tangible effects on our reality, on our living conditions. Let’s start at the bottom and work the way up. The root Chakra symbolized often by our genitalia, is symbolic of our sexual health. Being sexually unhealthy as we know can end up causing a lot of negative effects on our overall living conditions and behaviours. Aligning or balancing this chakra is the act of having a healthy sexual life (different for each person). The Sacral is symbolic of our dietary health. Not eating healthy can have huge effect which I shouldn’t need to point out here. Aligning this chakra is to have a healthy diet. The solar plexus is our physical health. Are our bodies being kept to optimum health, exercise is important to keep our body in good health. The heart is our emotional health. The heart which circulates blood which can be affected by stress levels and emotions being a clear indication. Also, the heart is symbolic over our over all physical health. The throat is symbolic of our words. The words we speak have an impact on our reality, words manifest reality. The brow is our outlook on the world. The way we see reality can have huge effects. Those who live with a very negative outlook often suffer from a negative reality and vice versa. The crown simply is the mind. Our thoughts, healthy thoughts are essential for good health. The crown literally is our physiological health.

Balancing or aligning these chakras is literally taking care of your health in all aspects. From sex, diet and exercise all the way to psychological processes and relationships. In essence, it’s getting your shit together. Aligning these chakras by taking physical action will make each life much more fulfilled and happy. Leads to success, happiness, and overall satisfaction. This idea is the idea of creating ideal living conditions. Meditation alone will not do this. I think that many people get pulled in to the idea of mystical techniques that they forget the goal of making a real impact on their life. Something that can be felt, measured and experiences. Mystical techniques might fulfil a mental appeal but overall, they make very little change in one’s life. Many take metaphors literally and loose the true insight concepts like this give.

Now what I will say is that I am not saying Chakra work is pointless. Taken in the physical action sense I think it can be useful, but the problem lies in many people only wanting to partake in mystical techniques without any idea of what the goal is. Stimulating the minds appeal is great but the results in doing so are limited. The physical and the energetic are not different, all physical things are energy and this separation is one many miss. My last question to you for those who will argue that the mind can do these things is this: What is easier for the average person to do, change the physical through physical action? Or change the physical in thought only? Action is essential… and this concept is not an exception to that rule.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!



Thank you for the kick up the arse! This is exactly what I need at the moment…

Are you implying that the easiest path is the best one to follow?

From my experience there is a clear and drastic difference between sitting down and meditating daily, and going on streaks without meditating at all. This is like the day and night.
Action is needed, yes but one should not forget his spiritual practices either.


Agreed and thank you! Finally, someone wrote about this.

You are on a role, so maybe time to address the ‘third eye’ with the same treatment? Please?

Way too much fanciful nonsense out there about the concept of awakening the third eye. The third eye is about a spiritual awakening, and not some dormant gland suddenly waking up to provide super occult powers. That pressure you feel between your eyes? Nope, not the third eye. Lol.


Yup - gentle reminder to people who have misunderstood it, that the postures in yoga are PHYSICAL movements, just as the movements chi gong (and the many variant spellings thereof lol) are PHYSICAL movements… people lose sight of this a lot.


I thought chakra’s were thought form’s, like a crutch we would out grow.

Well said


@getting_there Not really. Chakaras are energy centers (or a network if energy matrixes depending on your worldview) to the body, and traditionally you want them to “spin” or work correctly. You basically do this by changing your lifestyle, habits or even thought process. They’re a type of spiritual and mental health guideline to a good life. That’s why when you make a Chakara altar, it’s typically for a specific issue (death of loved one, poor money management, getting out of abusive relationship, etc).

Thanks, I just thought given the way I was told to charge them was reminiscent of creating thought forms.

I’ll get back to working them then.

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I would disagree. The movements at least in qi gong are not movements for the sake of physical exercise in any way. It’s an energetic lock and key I suppose. A certain set of movements when performed correctly in a certain way causes specific mental effects that then translate to a quite shocking unlocking of pure energy. The movements (at least in a proper system) are created in a very specific way to trigger specific energetic effects when performed correctly (often along with various mental triggers/exercises that are done simultaneously). The effects are anything but physical. It’s really neither a physical exercise nor a health thing.

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But that’s exactly my point - the physical movements tigger energies.

The energies don’t exist in a manner that is entirely separate from the body.

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Oh. Sorry. Serious misinterpretation. My bad. I read that wrong. I thought you were saying they were PURELY physical movements.

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I apply these principles in my life but never put the two together exactly as you have done. Very good point @asbjorntorvol
I am one for the holistic approach.

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