The chains that bind (karma and astrology)

While I refrain from posting my ritual plans prior to casting, I’m making an exception this time.

In 2 more days, the Wolf’s moon will be upon us. Those born in JCI have to overcome a lot of religous dogma in order to achieve their true potential but the same applies to me as a Hindu as we too are fed lies and brainwashed by concepts like Karma. We’re also bound by astrology to an extent.

I wondered how to overcome this for so long but now I realized that the best way is through the Chain Breaker himself, Fenrir and his sons Skoll and Hati.

I will be doing an improvised ritual which I will share here when I’m done along with a tribute for these Gods.

Maybe somebody else also needs to overcome their chains. Well the mighty Wolf can help :wolf:


I respect your view , but the Law of Karma is almost unbreakable. Any action Self identifed with ie the feeling that I am doing this that creates karma and you have to experience it’s causal effects. Untill unless your Ego is replaced with the Cosmic Ego you aren’t going to get free. In fact , astrology can predict life patterns due to karma theory. The subconscious keeps a store of all actions undertaken. There’s no escaping it without Self Realisation. Even then you won’t be spared for your past Karma’s.

Eg Ramakrishna paramhans and Ramana maharishi were Self realized souls, but still got Cancer.

Do you think shamshanic kriya was used on them, they sure had haters.

Isn’t that contradicting to what you wrote earlier about karma and astrology, when fenrir is destined to kill odin during Ragnarok ?

The key word is almost :wink: it’s worth a shot at least.

It’s more because he breaks the chains which bind him and then unleashes his true power.

You think something as stupid and small thing as a Samshan kriya would affect someone God realized ?

Let me explain. The only ritual that will transcend karma is annihilation of the small Ego. You’ll have to give up your little self. You think I’m an Xyz person, this feeling has to be removed. It’s almost like commiting suicide while alive. Are you prepared to do that ? I don’t think a ritual designed by your own Ego will annihilate itself. Shava Sadhana on the other hand , might just do it. But can you meditate on a corpse in a crematorium at night ??

God knows, even krishna was killed by an arrow because of the curse on Yadav caste. God realised or literal God doesn’t make them invulnerable to everything, you can link krishna’s case to his leela and last karmas but that doesn’t change the fact that he died because of an arrow shot by Bali’s incarnation.

I think I’m gonna stick with my own belief on this one and see what happens. Karma and astrology were belief systems written by man. With time it became embedded in our subconscious. Maybe fate and stuff is true but just maybe.

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As for your question, nope. That’s because the corpses around here shouldn’t be played with. I recall going into a high around the rivers were the ashes are released. Afterwards I always do offerings to the elementals to ward them off.

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Yes from my own experience with divination I also believe that concepts like Karma only affect those who believe in it or follow a system that uses it. Sometimes, the release thereof is one of gentle power, but other times a ritual can help as well.


To be honest I would have never known one could break free from it if I never came to this forum.

It barely crossed my mind until yesterday someone told me that the curses I used (in defense mind them) will come back to me. So better safe then sorry

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Some on here have cast the most terrible curses on others, but they have never received backlash. It does somewhat depend on the ritual you use, some do allow something like various concepts of karma to get involved if you believe in it, while others have guards against it.
But in this case, it was in defense. Sometimes, we can’t NOT fight back, there are times where we must fight. If the ancients held onto such an idea of karma where they can not fight back then they would have been annihilated.

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Just because you believe that Gravity doesn’t exist it won’t make it so. Universal laws cannot be transcended easily. If you think you know better than self realized beings, that’s on you


Have you read Rudolf Steiner’s outline of esoteric science? The causal body records every action undertaken. The effect can be experienced in future lives too. Karma isn’t instant justice. Its wheels mive slowly but are very through

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Another member told me that after performing a curse one should destroy the elemental which is formed due to the bond between you and the target. He said that this elemental actually causes the effects we call karma. After cursing my last two targets and doing what he said, I’ve been at peace.

The Ancients were wise in many ways and this is one of them. However in our case, while karma may not affect you, ancestors and spirits can step in and fight back. It’s slightly off topic but it shows that just because these concepts are well concepts, it doesn’t mean there’s no consequences which is why we have to use good planning

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Karma phala cannot be transcended

Gravity is present in the physical world. It’s different from spiritual laws which can be manipulated once you learn how. Not me but there are many others who have done this.

I don’t know better than self realized beings but I trust my gnosis more than I trust external resources.

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Okay, let’s see. If you really have control over karma, nothing bad should ever happen to you. Ever

It doesn’t work that way. Bad things are really random sometimes

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Why? You only believe that you can make your own fate and can get away with anything. If you have complete control over your Reality nothing bad should ever happen to you. So let’s see

Lol, the spiritual practice does not work the same as physical practice. Chaos magick proves that. You can’t change gravity through disbelief, but you can use the sigil of a specific entity to call on a completely different entity if you have enough belief and willpower. You can pronounce the entity’s name in various ways, it still calls that entity because you know who you are calling. Many times the entity’s name is completely different yet it still calls the right one. You can write your name and the name of on a peace of paper and tear it apart, and with chaos magick, it will tear that relationship apart in real life. Does that happen whenever you tear up a peace of paper? No, of course not, it only works through belief, otherwise every government would be completely fucked. With the law of attraction, you can cause change in your life through pure belief. Do the same process without belief, and nothing happens.

I have not read it no but that’s some pretty strange wording, ‘esoteric science’. The Occult never could become a proper science because of the reasons I stated above. Even regarding karma, there are various different concepts about karma within Hinduism. Seems no one can agree on one fucking thing. It’s become a joke at this point. One says this, the other says the opposite, that’s how it’s always been in the Occult, whereas science is observed when the same action consistently generates the same result.

We’ve already established how different the causal plane can be from spiritual practice. Actual science does not point to what the spiritual realm is like. If it did, damn things would be far less chaotic than they are.

From time to time concepts pop up that powerful people take special interest in, for the fact that they would benefit greatly from it… And so, the spread begins.

Interesting, I’ve never heard that before. In the west throughout history no one has begun to observe such a thing because there was no belief in metaphysical karma, so even during projection something like that has never popped up. Otherwise, a bit odd that it would be an elemental if our understanding is the same, but literally none of that speculation matters simply because it works for you, that’s the essence of chaos magick.

We are not the only people that exist, simply as that, and matter is matter. “Bad” things happen, but is it because of metaphysical karma? Lol, that’s all I’ll say.