The Central Point of Awareness

We are all centered in our physical body primarily. However, on a deeper level within our body, where are we centered? Most people center primarily in their visual field. Though it’s also common for many people to center in their thoughts, touch, emotions, or another sense. I often spend a lot of time in deep contemplation so centering in my mind and thought is common for me.

But what is center? That is the central point through which you receive primary data. Primary data is the most “loud” and current data you are processing. What you are aware of is what is real for you. As most people are centered in the same relative senses we most often experience a universally common reality. However, some people realities which are not universal and which are less common. For example, having an out of body experience.

When an obe occurs, our central point of awareness shifts from our physical correspondants to our etheric light body. Our physical body is a collective form composed of the correspondants which facilitate reality to our formless self. So our body connects our personal immaterial self with an impersonal material world. But when you obe or access extra senses beyond the universally common five, then you have shifted away from your common senses to utilize alternate sense and since sense if facilitated through form, our extra senses must also have some form too even if that form is in fact formless.

So then, we might imagine immaterial organs which facilitate sense for us beyond our body. Then the question becomes, how do we more consciously access those organs to draw heightened sense from them? Also, what other realities are we capable of experiencing? I myself have had to develop a lot of these idea to explain my own experiences.

On one occasion I obe’d out of my body and entered the body of another being. I could feel through his body and sensed everything he sensed. I could even feel his thoughts and feelings distinct from mine even though we were in the same body. I call the experience ‘reverse possession’ because the fellows body I had entered was that of a demon I called Eb. When I was in Eb’s body he showed me some things. I saw him rushing to approach a group of black robed people surrounding a tiny light. It looked like the black robbed people were torturing the light with magick mirrors. Eb tried to stop them but when he drew closer they saw Eb and sliced their own throats open to escape Eb. I felt Eb’s sorrow that he was unable to catch them.

I have had many experiences where I saw beyond what my simple common organs can facilitate. The way I see it, we have the ability to move through our own body and shift out central points. When you obe, you shift into a energy body and your awareness leaves your physical body. Other forms of psychic and occult phenomena also awaken enhanced and new senses within us.

Have you ever experienced enhanced or astral vision as if an eye awoken within you granting you vision into the spirit? Have you ever shifted your central point of awareness out of your body and become pure energy? Have you ever entered and see alternate worlds through another’s body as though you possessed them? What are your thoughts on how our form facilitates sense and how central awareness works?


The assemblage point. There’s some stuff on it if you search on the forum, it gathers pure information/energy and turns it into perceivable data, the information it gathers is the information you can perceive basically. Shifting it shifts perception to a huge degree even if its an un-noticably small change.


I have been naturally open to these rarer experiences like OBE’s as far back as I can remember. Feeling and seeing energy/aura seems to be a gift I was born with, as well. I recently posted an experience of mine where I was taken up and drawn into a being in another realm… I’ll post the link:

To get back to center and my point, this state of being and experiencing the Central Point of Awareness is like a conduit or antennae in a way… From this purely center state of awareness, we are able to send/receive signals and information, as well as connect to other worlds and beings… and travel out from this physical body and experience other planes of existence…

Focusing on this concept is very empowering, and attempting shifts of your consciousness seems to be an exercise in our omniscience.

I seem to be rambling. Energy is abundant this morning.

Thank you for posting this. It has blown my mind to new heights right now. Your line of thinking about these bodies or vessels we become or inhabit during OBE’s and the like has lead me to realize that we can tap into and harness the energy from these bodies for use here, or anywhere we travel…