The Catechism of Lucifer

I have just ordered The Catechism of Lucifer by Johannes Nefastos, published by Ixaxaar.

Has anyone ordered and received this book yet? I am very curious about its contents. It supposedly is comprised of different writings from literature of the Star of Azazel group in Finland.

Most of their stuff has been in Finnish and I am eager to finally find out what they are all about.

I have not heard much about the star of Azazel, so I would be quite interested also in knowing more about them. Like many of the smaller orders, there is little information that I have been able to find. I am wondering if anyone could shed some light on them?

I was interested in this book as well. Let us know.

Well I received my copy and I am enjoying it so far. But I will warn people this is not a practicing book. It is more a essay on the philosophy rather then their methods. For that we will have to wait till Fosforos.

I gave it a quick read. The philosophy is nothing groundbreaking, and if you are familiar with Theosophical writings, it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, albeit from a Gnostic Theistic Satanism perspective. I don’t find the work particularly dark at all though. I do like their approach to balancing both the light and dark.

Fosforos should be available to order tomorrow. I don’t foresee anyone that is well read in left-hand path occult philosophy to get much out of it though.

Sounds like yet more mystic word-soup with no practical application to life. Wasting your precious time reading this sort of shit isn’t going to make you a better magician - spending your time practising the contents of EA’s books and programs is.

I have read Fosforos and It really is The Book one would ever need regarding the philosophy of oneness and theistic satanism. I imagine the book your interested in will be an interesting read also. This author is definitely worth looking into if you want to get a great understanding of the philosophy behind theistic satanism.

Does Fosforos have any practical exercises in it or is it just philosophy?

No it’s mostly philosophy and definitely not a beginners guide. He has several hymns and a method of evocation similar to the Goetia.