The carbonaro effect

So my roommates are really into this show. This guy show is a prank shoe that uses magic to trick people. I tell my friends these tricks are fake because the camera never stays in one view to show the whole trick from beginning to end. It always switches view before the trick. Making me think it’s TV magic. Anyways if this guy’s magic is real would he accomplish this threw demons? Just curious on all your opinions

Before him it was Chris Angel, Dynamo etc… same things , Many People believe they are doing real Magick, But Its all TV Magic


We had a thread like this before. I don’t think it matters, they’re doing it for entertainment, let’s just be entertained. If they are truly an accomplished magician and they’re using their skills to create a job, fine. If they are truly actors who have very good special effects, fine. I don’t particularly care either way.

I agree with you on this my Friend

The only reason I feel there is a chance these TV Magicians might be the real deal, is that EA himself has mentioned in interviews that his aspirations in ascent through Godhood includes pulling matter and form out of the astral dimension into this one, and physically moving from one point to another without traveling through physical reality (interview: Should Black Magicians Perform White Magic). Even Robert Bruce said in an interview (I think with Nate Bales) that he believed someone could learn to shift their physical body into and out of the Astral (though your probably working with higher dimensions at that point) realm.

I personally haven’t reached that critical mass of undeniability yet- where I can say without a doubt it’s possible. Though when I hear two professionals speak off handedly about something, as matter’o factly as they both did… I gotta imagine Godhood, is more then a symbol or ideal.

These skills Obviously demand Extreme belief, Extreme devotion, Energy, STRONG & RELIABLE non physical Mentor(ship) and probably a “reality distortion field” to even allow you to earnestly undertake such a goal.

But, the weaker the Veil, and the more concentrated the focus… I can’t Imagine anything not being possible.