The Call of the Morrigan


Here I will discuss my work and rituals with the Morrigan as well as post some of the rituals that are performed with her. I will also be discussing her aspects and manifestations as well. For now, ill leave you a message she gave me after meditation, which we’re related to my concerns that I had for her. I felt hopeless, she changed that.


I call out to and unto the primordial goddess of rebirth. I call out to you, Morrigan. She who is the triple goddess of war, death and sovereignty, healing and rebirth, come to me! Help me remind myself of the power within! Washer at the ford, help me wash away the weaknesses within me and temper me as strong as steel! Lady of Avalon, dip me in your waters and rivers so I may be reborn and walk the path of the warrior, the path of the ancients and true divinity. Phantom queen, come so I may embrace you, who embraces me! Help me embrace my shadows and own my aspects! Morrigan, lady of death healing fate and rebirth, come to me!



So. I want to discuss this lovely book I ordered just yesterday. Celtic lore and Spell craft of the dark goddess - Invoking the Morrigan By Stephanie Woodfield. First off, I love cover design of the book. It stays true to the Celtic tradition and the subject of the book, the goddess Morrigan. Now the content is fabulous. (Yes I’ve read it that quickly) It covers the mythos of the Morrigan in depth and very well, as well as the symbolic meaning of the myths, which if I may add, are very few remaining as the druids of old believed in the power of spoken word.

The book also goes over the individual goddesses that are said to be similar to or what make up the “morriganic trio” if you will, excluding Agrona, her conglomerate. However, it does cover: Babd, Macha, Anu, Nemain, Aine, Morgan la fey, Danu, and others. The book has several ingredients, spells and rites tailored for either a group of the featured goddesses or an individual featured goddess. It also covers the ogham (a divinatory system), invisibility, shapeshifting, faery lore and faery species, and general Spellcraft. The book essentially presents a large pathworking meant be over (in my eyes) a span of months and months.

For those that feel the call, I highly suggest this book.