The call of Cthulhu this early?

I’m not even 2 months into the LHP and a lot has happened.
I evoked my first Daemon (Lucifer) and have had him help train me with my astral senses.
I’m able to pick up Yes and No answers and short phrases but nothing longer really than 5-6 words.
Now Azazel has visited me at random times then leaves and helps me in my meditations (never evoked he just came around on his own)Then I discovered H.P Lovecraft and the old ones shortly
after finding my self in a strange chaotic realm with green skies covered in green lightning and weird tentacle-like beings just looking at me (during soul travel of course). Then Nyarlathotep’s name coming up very often and seeing the number 23 just about anywhere.
just asked Lucifer if the Old ones are calling me and he said yes quite strongly.

I mean what do I do this is all happening so fast

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Call on the old ones. Start with nyarlathotep

If you want to explore it then answer the call, Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep can be great guides. If you do i would highly recommend a regular grounding practice as working with them can for lack of a better way to put it, pull you more across the veil through exposure to them more than with some other currents.
Read lovecrafts work as it acts as the general method for Prepatory immersion i have posted a few lists here i can dig up if you want.

Asenath has a initiation ritual with nyarlathotep on a website, a google search will pull it up, there is also the black book of azathoth, as well as tyson’s work.

Not everyone resonates well with the last one cause of how he tries to tie the entites of this current into kaballah. That did sync with me but the work still yields results of a different kind when used as a mediation focus.

You could also simply get some of the depictions of one of these 2 or both to connect with in meditation and call out to them using their name and titles. This is what i did when i was young and yields results. Possibly more subtle than the ceremonial methods but results none the less.


yes initiation ritual with nyarlathotep in necronomicon gnosis
is ritual nine stellar doors.