The Call of Cthulhu movie


I thought this was very well done. Even though it is recent, this was my second favorite silent film after the revamp of Nosferatu with the all-Type O Negative soundtrack.


I agree. It tells the story well.

Very Cabinet of Dr Caligari, i liked it!

I did find an animated version of this and the animator used Dr. Seuss style drawings, it was very interesting.


Have you seen the trailers for the new Call of Cthulhu game coming out soon it looks amazing.:smile: (Better not get pushed back again :smiling_imp:) I had a blast playing CoC Dark corners of the earth, although I
inexplicably got a nosebleed during the Esoteric Order of Dagon mission because of this sigil.





The Illustrations look amazing :smile:

I Must Have This Game!! :star_struck:
@AltScript i liked this one. Some were not illustrated as well. I love a good Lovecraft story with quality illustrations :slight_smile: I’ve always felt Lovecraft comes out best in animated form.
Haven’t found an At the Mountains of Madness one yet. I wonder if Del Torro will ever do his movie. I was so disappointed when he backed out.

I saw them to on YouTube. The Dr. Seuss one I found entertaining, I loved Dr. Seuss as a child.

i’d love to get a copy of an actually book of it :smile: it’s just so cute in a demented sort of way :wink:

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No. I not much into games. But I’m starting to see a pattern in them. The best way I can put it is Art imitates life.

Pretty sure the movie is donezo ;-;

I hear you. :smiling_imp:

This was the first trailer for a comic trilogy becoming an animated film. I thought this was a unique idea on Lovecraft.
The Old Ones couldn’t kill him so they put him to sleep and sink his city, what if he was too powerful to be put to sleep? In this he has been trapped within his own mind. Cthulhu lives in his city with other creatures who live there but remembers nothing of who he was. This is how the young Lovecraft discovers him.
It has some good voice actors and the animation isn’t too bad, not the best but i felt they did decently with their budget.

I hope they get enough funding to finish the series.

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I like it.

I’m so excited for the game. And I want Guillermo Del Toro to direct any upcoming Lovecraft films. He’s the only guy I’d trust not to fuck them up.