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So I’ve watched a few videos on The Cabal’s YouTube channel.Their emphasis on the belief that spirits are real (meaning that they are not a product of the human mind) is hugely refreshing to me. That is way more appealing to me than the atheism that’s rampant on here sometimes. However, they seemed to look down on those who want to use magick to gain wealth. Good grief, that’s just about the only goal I have. I don’t care about assent if it doesn’t bring me wealth. Am I misunderstanding their position? I mean overall, I love Deadwood’s approach.

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@jboy They have wealth spells in their grimoires. I am pretty sure what they were saying is that they look down on those who think that money spells are all there is to magick.


@jboy The purpose of that comment, as far as I can tell, was to criticize those who place limitations on the possibilities of what can be accomplished through magick. “I am not vilifying you if you’ve done this. However, I am vilifying you if you think that’s all there is. You are not pushing yourself towards ascent. There’s always more so don’t be afraid to explore more” to quote the video itself. The point is to push towards higher goals instead of limiting yourself to wealth and fame. Learn to perform telekinesis, teleport, levitate, open Black Gates. Attain Apotheosis. Become a God.


@jboy [quote=“jboy, post:1, topic:20705”]
I don’t care about assent if it doesn’t bring me wealth.
That, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely. I am pretty sure Dreadwood said in one of his videos that you should be prepared to give up everything for Apotheosis alone. Money, People, Time. I don’t speak for the Cabal, of course. Just trying to interpret from the videos.

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@jboy What’s the point of wealth really? Why? Compared to Immortality, power, Godhood what does wealth mean? Nothing really. Wealth is just a means to survive so that one can work towards their Ascent. Everything has to be focused around that singular goal of Apotheosis. That I believe is what they are trying to say.

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I only view obtaining godhood valuable if it helps me out in living the life I enjoy. I view it as a tool in my toolbox. I certainly do not view it as a goal just for its own sake, especially if it means taking me further away from the life I want. Maybe I’m still butthurt over the time I wasted in Christianity not living the life I wanted.


@jboy I am pretty sure the position is that you must be willing to give up everything if you wish to embark on the Path of Apotheosis. Wealth, Fame, Pleasure, all of those are rather shallow goals. Apotheosis is eternal. If you wish to truly Ascend into Godhood you must be willing to sacrifice everything and anything for that singular goal. One who seeks Apotheosis must have their entire revolve around it.


Hmm :thinking: i do not entirely see why prosperity and abundance in it various forms, mental,phsyical,emotional, financial ect. would have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of this. Would not exerting your power as a god on this sphere of reality by securing a solid foundation from which you can operate within your chosen areas only benefit this goal in the long term?

That said it must be remembered that what is considered prosperity and abundance will be highly subjective based on the individual and their goals.

For example, in my own case i am working to secure the means and space needed to explore the arts of crafting involving metal,stone, crystals, wood, and glass. 1 because these areas are of personal interest to me because of the amount of dedication needed to become proficient in them and 2 so i can explore the way in which i can apply these arts to my spiritual evolution and the spiritual evolution of others.


@Dinmiatus I believe that the point is not that prosperity is bad, but that one should not limit oneself to money spells alone.


@Dinmiatus There is more to magick than money and fame. Too many people limit themselves to shallow goals because they think that’s all there is.


This would be one point where our ways of doing things will likely differ, the notion of being “commanded” by anything has never set right with me. I know the old saying of if you wanna lead you need to learn of to follow and in certain circumstances such as learning in order to grow i can bend a bit.

I am open to guidance and i know my chosen path will require me to adapt in order to overcome challenges, But i am not what you would consider someone who submits to authority for long if at all. I enjoy my autonomy in both my spiritual to various degrees and day to day life.


“You will be expected to live this Path at all times. Certainly, you can have a family. You can work a job. Becuase you have to survive. However, every day and night your mind is expected to circulate around your Ascension. Up those dusty steps to Apotheosis. Just as your actions, while not involved in the mundane, must be focused on furthering your pursuit. For this reason alone most people can’t handle the Path due to the needs of family and friends” -Somnus Dreadwood.

@Dinmiatus As far as that goes I agree with Somnus Dreadwood “There is absolutely no room left for interpretation on an individual level and you will not be able to pick and choose when to listen or what you will or will not adhere to. You’re either all in or just don’t even bother making the pact in the first place.”

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“Even as I am, I would be none of it without having surrendered my entire life and being to the Blighted. I willfully gave my every thought and action to them without question and so was molded into a creature of incredible power and wisdom. I say this not to measure my wand against others, but as a testament to what amazing things the Demons will do if only you silence your ego, doubt, and fear; placing your full trust in them. The problem you’re mentioning is rooted in sorcerers resisting. The Demons are powerful, though sometimes harsh teachers and will make you step through the fire, touch your fears, and fully submit to their training and transformational process.
99% of sorcerers don’t understand this, because they’ve been taught with this asinine trend in the LHP that the sorcerer is subject only to his will. Would any of you honestly think that you know more or better about anything than an ancient being that already stands at the end and has seen everything from the beginning, knowing all that lies between alpha and omega?”- Somnus Dreadwood.


“All In For Apotheosis” is a youtube video by Somnus. A new one.
It might clear up some things about living by your own code as a magician.
He also says that if you form a pact, best to abide by it.
The video tells it.
Another new one is "Fallacies And Insights, Part 2"
The Cabal Channel, Dreadwood. This will get their youtube channel

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Here is the link to the Youtube Channel

As i said this is where my views will differ from yours, largely because the only Pact i have made to date is to align myself better with my own true will. This just happens to include securing the flow of prosperity and abundance nessasary to accomplish my goals to this end. These differences are not a bad thing as engaging with those of differing perspectives can lead to alot of growth for all involved.

Any future pacts I may make with spiritual forces of any current center around this goal of alignment and exploration of personal true will. This exploration and evolution of spirit is what gets my blood boiling in a positive manner.

This is why I care not if I work with the old ones, elemental and planetary forces, Archangels, Demonic kings, Deadric lords, the div’s ect. If they are willing to teach me in ways that align with my goals i will explore them.

Does taking this perspective come with risks? Yes. As bout as many as any other perspective when it comes to the arts we seek to explore. But i am willing to take that risk.

I have lost much and learned and gained much as a result as well. So i continue in my chosen path.


I was Azazels submissive you can’t put more trust in a demon than that. [quote=“TheStorm, post:15, topic:20705”]
harsh teachers and will make you step through the fire, touch your fears, and fully submit to their training and transformational process.

Step through fire? I was thrown in it. [quote=“TheStorm, post:15, topic:20705”]
willfully gave my every thought and action to them without question and so was molded into a creature of incredible power

So was I. …but actually it was just them awakening who I truly am.[quote=“TheStorm, post:13, topic:20705”]
For this reason alone most people can’t handle the Path due to the needs of family and friends" -Somnus Dreadwood.

I pushed myself so hard and Azazel pushed me so hard Baelzebub would step in and demand I take a break.

Everyone thinks submissives are weak yet by these statements …I’ve been doing this sense day one.[quote=“TheStorm, post:13, topic:20705”]
Certainly, you can have a family. Yo

They have never said I couldnt have a famply and friends or job and have actually encouraged me to spend time with them …
And have helped me with my job.

Ive never had a time where they thought I was spending too much time with family and not working on my ascent.
Azazel has pointed out when I was just being a slacker and guided me back to my path …but he has never made an argument about my family and my responsibilities to my family.


@Eye_of_Ra I am not entirely sure as to your point.