The Cabal

I’ve already done all this.

Where’s the next level?

This is what I was started out on.

But not really sure if there was a point just sharing the fact that I’ve been there done that.


@Eye_of_Ra I think it isn’t meant to be a thing you do and then move on from. Pretty sure it’s a life long process.

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If avoiding the things I enjoy is a lifelong process, then I’m not interested in that path. If there was hope that it would eventually lead me back to it 10-fold, then I would invest a bit of time. I’m just not interested in living a life of self denial. If I’d wanted that, I would have stayed with Christianity.


So to be in the Cabal path, you have to be submissive to the Blighted? I wish this would not be the case, as I’ve planned that in approximately a decade to explore The Cabal system. Although I would respect that preference, and until a certain point I agree with the statement that we are not equal to gods. I am in for the sake of my own ascent. Therefore I stand for myself. Despite the fact that I have no problem with giving respect and trust to my allies/teachers, I expect them to provide me with explanations and arguments as I would expect to any being. If anyone wants to call me an egoist or narcissist, I’m ok with that, but I pretend that through all my ascent my life continues being entirely MINE.

@jboy [quote=“Swifty, post:24, topic:20705”]
So to be in the Cabal path, you have to be submissive to the Blighted?

Yes. I think so.[quote=“Swifty, post:24, topic:20705”]
I am in for the sake of my own ascent.
And to follow their directive is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to ascend.

Yes but you should level up. If they are teaching you and you are learning you should be moving a head.

You should learn who/what your Godform is and how to utilise it. What you need to do to farther your ascent.

It’s all well and good to serve demons and let them teach you. But at some point you need to go from being spoon feed to eating meat.

While I still have a great relationship with Azazel I have moved away from being his submissive because that would have kept me in a certain place and it’s time for me to move from that to being comfortable in my own shoes.
Of course I still go to him for advice and other things of course I still go to the others I’ve worked with. But if you stay in a life long serving that’s all your gonna be a servant.
If you truly have a Godform you should be wanting to learn about that and how to work with that.
Not put yourself in an constant life of servitude.

My pact with Azazel was for a set amount of time and then it was for indefinite time…but by then I trusted Azazel enough to know he would do what was best. When it was time to let go of him he knew it and even though I became a pissed off bitch about it…because I didn’t want to give my safety net up it was what was needed to push me to a new place.

I am now working with and learning all about my Godform. And I understand alot more about why I act and think the way I do. It goes back who I truly am.

I recently asked Clauneck for something but I didnt make a pact. I didn’t see the need.

I’ve only been in one official pact with Azazel and one unofficial with Lucifuge.

Usually when I need something or some help they just show up anyway.
Lucifuge and Azazel are really quick to show up and Baelzebub I’ve only evoked once yet he comes to me when I need him. And usually is first to tell me I need to get to work.

They generally warn me of impending danger and watch my back anyway. maybe I started rambling.

But you should always level up. Otherwise your getting stagnant.


OK. Again, I very much like the idea that the spirit world is real and not merely a product of the human mind. I’ll look more into the system.

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@Eye_of_Ra Yes. I do have a Godform. Yes, I do know what it is. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. It is by following the guidance of the Spirits that I have grown more in touch with my true self in many ways. I follow the guidance of the Spirits because I know that whatever I am told to do will bring me closer to Ascent.

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I can agree with that

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@jboy Honestly, I am just trying to interpret from the videos. Direct these questions to the Facebook Page maybe?

@Eye_of_Ra Arianna isn’t wrong. Submissives and wives (not to lump the two as there’s a difference) are powerful. It’s like saying Nyaralathotep is weak because he’s the servitor of azathoth.


I don’t think the Cabal can be trusted. They have abused members in the past.


I’m not too sure about the organization itself, meaning I don’t feel negatively or positively about it at the moment. I’ve heard both sides of the various arguments including the recent stuff between the Cabal and Asbjorn Torvol. I am not a member, but I have read the internal material they release to those interested, and I have purchased a few of the books from Amazon.

I will say the books are interesting and I like the techniques presented. I am not familiar with the entities governing the organization minus Cernobog, so I can’t speak about them intelligently. I would simply say that if the system works it works.

Soapbox: For me, my ascent is personal and I prefer a solitary approach with the occasional outside help and advice. I do see the benefits of belonging to an active temple though. It’s a good sounding board of like-minded people.

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The Cabal, from my admittedly limited understanding, have a very specific philosophy where ascent (or what they all Apotheosis) should be the main goal of the Disciple. It’s not to say the members don’t have other goals, but the main goal has little to do with wealth. In other words, material and financial wealth is something the Disciples don’t put above other things in the scope of magic(k). They may need such things at time, but not continuously.

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If I could find a non-atheistic path like the Cabal that also values wealth and the ability to manipulate people above all else, I’d be sold. I just cant bring myself to jump into an organization that is just a magick version of the type of Christianity I was involved in.

Can someone say where, and which book talk about money ritual s. Plz? Also 1 main thing it broke apart ws money issues. But im interested on which book and part. Plz

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I find it a little odd that a group that is so focused on achieving apotheosis that they have to forsake worldly things has the time to make a 30 minute video that shit talks the works of other magicians.

Here is a good video showing the cabal for what it really is:

I can personally confirm most of what they are saying is correct, the things I can’t confirm I wasn’t there for.

As a final note I thought it was hilarious that they called out asbjorn for having a tattoo from a game when a large portion of there material is pulled from dungeons and dragons. Talk about irony.


The entities are REAL. Zazazel is not a fictional character. It’s hardly “pulled from Dungeons and Dragons”. The Blighted do have real power. They are real beings. I’ve worked with them.

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Well to defend the Cabal in that respect, most people think that the Lovecraftian gods are just fictional characters of 1930’s and 40’s science fiction magazines. However many mages summoned them potently and effectively.

As for the claim of D&D, can you prove that? This is the second time I’ve seen someone accuse the Cabal of stealing game material and I have yet to see any evidence for it (I even googled searched some of the names that aren’t Chronobog).


@SabahSnoblod Well, I’ve evoked A LOT of the entities. Definitely not fictional characters.

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