The Cabal

Dan Updike is someone I trust. He’s a friend and I’ve known him to tell the truth. If he says these other three men were telling the truth, I’m compelled to believe him. The Cabal seemed fishy from the start. There was a similar group called the Cult of Cthulhu that was exposed for having rituals and spells taken right out of DnD. And when they were found out they did similar acts of denial and dodging. And now, they are disbanded and their former leader isn’t even active in the community.


Hey I’m on there lol. But good to know.

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I like your videos as well. I am the one that started this post, but I hope you can see that it wasn’t mean spirited. I genuinely admire how you believe that entities are real and that they truly can help us.

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Oh yes I understand I never presumed it was mean spirited and yes they do exists there are many planes of existence and even we have only just scratched the surface of whats out there if you personally have any questions please feel free to pm me.


People were asking for some more proof so here it goes.

Here is a document that was uploaded to the Sanctuary sometime last year, it is titled “Draelith for Humans Language Rules & Vocabulary” and it was authored by Somnus Dreadwood:

In it you will find translations from “Draelith” to human that are identical to the drow to common translations found on many D&D websites:

One of the websites with the drow language can be found here:

Now, some may argue that this information was taken from the Cabal and used for these websites, however all you have to do is go to and search for both this webpage the oldest black court website: and you will see that the D&D site existed several years before the cabal:

As proof that I didn’t just make up the document 20 minutes ago, here is a capture of the properties showing that I downloaded it last year:

For a group that has nothing to do with D&D, there are a lot of similarities with D&D


There are couple of people that need to introduce themselves. It is one of the rules here


I don’t really have a dog in this fight, and just to be clear I don’t represent BALG, I don’t work for them (I’m a volunteer member-mod, with my own career outside magick, and so neither the need nor desire to kiss ass) but there’s something I want to pick up on here:

I don’t recall banning anyone for defending the Cabal on here.

Certainly not repeatedly.

And since August 2014, the likelihood is very high, verging on 100%, that it would have been me who did that, because I’m online almost all the time when working.

Now, it could have slipped my mind, there’s always something new going on and I have a busy life - maybe you can let me know usernames you had before on here and I can run a search, to check?

I’ve just PM’d you and you can let me know privately if that suits you better, I will post in here to update this.


@Fin_McLintock Got em.

This is hilarious so this is your strawman argument seeing is I know who is prompting you to do so I have posted numerous accounts of fraudulism already with your associates in The Black Legions fb page already this has been debunked for several years yet christian scott, Darrin Taylor and the someone who hasnt been in the cabal seven years thinks he knows its inner workings especially you, seeing is you never made it past the postulate phase out of laziness kid I would also love to see the proof of so called abuse I was nothing but kind to you and at coven yes you were supposed to pay for your own lodgings and food akin to that of a hotel no money was abused we aren’t going to take care of you and coddle you if you ran as much as you run your mouth you’d be in better shape along with your craft I’m going to answer this festering bullshit of yours in parts Joe but I know who is actually trying to convince you.

Lets start off with the obvious subversive attempt to silence me by stating for a teacher you sure have alot of time to answer to make a video talking shit its called fallacy and insight I answer questions along with rumor and bullshit and speak the truth of the matter hence the name Fallacy & Insight seeing is you didn’t watch the video because you have the attention span of a fly which is proven through our previous interactions the cabals youtube went up in 2015 the work within was going on so yes we spent many years focusing on our ascent and are in our final stages so yes three years later we decided we finally have enough time to answer the bullshit

Firstly for all those wondering Joe stark was not thrown out neither was dan updike or abused were just lazy and innocent haplessly manipulated by what are essentially atheist experimenting rather than Joe stating hey man this isn’t for me after I sent him a working on how to create a phylactery he left because he believed the words of one random idiot that the phylactery is false along with some of its demons.

The Draelith are a Demonic race of beings in another “Hell” belonging to different Houses aka their Temples Cressen thier most famous name the veiled ones due to the robes they wore Draelith society which oversee various aspects of said society and each pushes equally for dominance. While there are indeed more than what is shown here, the following list details those houses whose presence is so large that any traveler to their realm will find them in any city. Even smaller towns will be overseen by at least a few of these houses. In a sense, you might equate them to the mafia or more accurately, prison gangs, for regardless of which prison you’re in, you’ll find the same ones hold presence.

Of the Draelith houses, none are more insidious as the Rilyn’ndar. Masters of persuasion, seduction and patience, they are careful planners and information brokers. Their modes of sorcery are extremely difficult to detect as the energies seamlessly merge with their psyche; creating layers of protection around the magickal current flowing within; creating the illusion that it is nothing more than their innate magickal potential riding the surface. Rilyn’ndar rakes will lure you in with their charms, twist your mind so that you see them as your friend and lover. You will become a slave until you’ve been used up. All of your knowledge will be their possession and yet, when you’ve been discarded, you’ll crave nothing more than to be their slave.
Purveyors of all that which is dead and undead, the Vae’sa are in continual pursuit of immortality through necromantic transfiguration. They utilize necromancy and grave theurgy to its fullest, seeking to turn the realms into nothing more than a massive necropolis. Many of the Vae’sa become undead in order to gain more power in conquest. In everyday life, the Vae’sa tend to funerals as well as “cleaning the streets” of the unwanted, forgotten, weak and useless members of society. The Vae’sa are also known at times to recruit and forge pacts with the undead who can help to further their plans of killing the mortal races and chaining the power of slain gods for themselves.

Tyrants through and through, the Ark’nviir house concerns itself with upholding the strict laws of conduct in Draelith society, punishment and many of the military operations conducted during raids and all-out war with other races, as well as running both the arenas and slave trade. The Ark’nviir pride themselves on projected in aura of crushing energy due to their religious rituals associated with invocation of demonic powers and that which gives them physical might. Many times acting a social judges and referees, they also use their influence to control lesser folk and races out of fear of enslavement or torture.

Concerned more with working as assassins, the Do’aar (Doh-ar) make incredible sums of wealth by acting as hired blades. They capitalize on the use of magicks which silence their movements, skin-changing and also shroud them from the naked eye. They are masters of armed and unarmed combat as well as how to raise and extract toxins from plants and animals. The Do’aar pride themselves on being one of the least likely houses to fight internally due to their almost monastic rituals revolving around becoming one with the shadows. They also actively ingest known poisons and accept venomous bites from various beasts in order to build immunity to these lethal agents. Their cunning and fortitude make them a most worthy adversary.

The Zo’arn are initiated through rituals of immolation in which the celebrant must prove their courage by being first wrapped like a mummy in oiled silks and then laid upon a pyre. Their faith in Illivryn must prove to be so strong that they are unharmed by the raging fire. Illivryn rarely intercedes, making it quite clear the innate power of the Draelith spirit as they rise up from the ashes of the pyre which usually burn for six to eight hours. Invested with their new power, the Zo’arn are powerful sorcerers and sorceresses who possess extreme control over the channeling of various energies. Controlling storms, making infernos from candles, directing the strikes of lightning and so forth, the Zo’arn are a terrifying sight to behold. Do to their unwillingness to die however, the Zo’arn rarely survive the immolation ceremony, making them the smallest of the major houses.

With their houses kept usually to the lower city, the Maea’fiin are brutes; both male and female. Their tactics are very direct and combative. They usually recruit those who are well-proven in the arenas or from war bands which have taken many lives and accrued much plunder. They operate as thugs, killers, muscle for intimidation or extortion and blackmail, bodyguards and the like. Coin is their driving force and they tend to have the rule of the house in gambling dens. The Maea’fiin utilize magicks which invoke demonic and monstrous powers and strengths as well as that which can hinder the physical actions or thoughts of their enemies. Often seen leading campaigns in all-out combat against other races in their realm or even other houses, the Maea’fiin prefer to be the first line of bloodshed in any combative scenario with the Draelith.

One of the darker houses in Draelith society, the Helvi’m-tor are notable for the fact that they derive much power by binding malevolent entities and making pacts with the demons and evil gods of other non-Etherian realms. Often blessed demonic traits and an overflow of control over the currents of hellfire and soul crushing pain, the Helvi’m-tor are a force most other houses tend not to tangle with. Draelith recruited into this house must first prove they are of a distinctly darker mindset than their already wicked kin. This is usually observed through the sacrifice of a friend, ally or family member. Then, they shall conjure and bind or make an eternal pact with any number of vile spirits. In society, the Helvi’m-tor have been sought out to kill others or to offer insights through divination of a most horrific nature.

The house began with alliance formed by crossbred offspring of Draelith and demons. The Ous’srae are born with incredible powers that blend the might of the Draelith and their infernal progenitors. They are as varied as their demonic origins which make the Ous’srae temple capable of penetrating every aspect of Draelith society. They are surprisingly large as a house due to the fact that many Draelith copulate with demons in order to forge pacts and gain a powerful living weapon in their child. Sorcery is completely innate among the Ous’srae. Those who do not share demonic origin can still be recruited into the house should they be found to possess an affinity for working with those powers considered “forbidden” even among the Draelith.

Sorcery is an innate power among Draelith. However, blood sorcery is seen as for the truly devoted to the craft as adherents use the blood offering in their sorcery to also honor the Draelith goddess, Vishalee. Their power is immensely empowered through their sacrifices. The Shi’aquous are concerned with controlling the trade of magickal wares and are often culturally concerned with the evolution of the Draelith race, for within their blood is divine power. Initiation into their house requires that the initiate literally be drowned in the sacrificial blood of their enemies. Those who can be revived will have been seen as blessed from Vishalee.

The proudest and most prevalent among the houses, the Xv’iili see themselves as the true, chosen Draelith who are blessed by Illivryn. This mindset has been perpetuated due to one of Illivryn’s daughters having founded the house aeons ago. They also believe that to seek membership in any other house is an insult to the Queen Goddess. They make great use of cultural sorcery, and use it to destroy their enemies, spy and spread the dominion of Illivryn. Initiation is given rather freely to those who have shown an incredible pride in self, faith in Illivryn and willingness to ruthlessly slay anyone who might be considered a threat to the house or Illivryn. Extreme racial supremacy is the underlying force that drives the Xv’iili as they strive for nothing short of total domination in both their realm and the rest of the realms if given the opportunity.

The other major house associated with assassination, the Aurelia focus their efforts purely on maximizing the power of their craft which blends shadowmancy and psychic manipulation. By use of their sorcery and social presence, the Aurelia seek to seize power and control of their society so that they can bring devastation upon other races and conquest. Second only to the Xv’iili in racial supremacy, they believe that they are destined to rule the realms and seek nothing less than to kill and enslave. They use their sorcery to contort the minds of their targets and push for them to commit suicide or kill their allies. Initiation into the Aurelia requires one to enter a ritual chamber in which every failure, pain and torment is manifested at once. Having overcome it, they are blessed with grander power and control over emotion, thoughts, manifestation of egregores and how to control those of others.

Masters of manipulating and shaping the darkness, the Laeilssz’var seek transcendence over all else. They use their innate power over the darkness to shroud their minds and bodies to gather information, kill and empower themselves. Transcendence among the Draelith is always focused on godhood, though the Laeilssz’var seek to become one with their very plane of existence, wherein they would have the power to control everything, including the influence of the gods and goddesses in the realm. In society, they act more like a monastic order and pride themselves on their ability to think outside of usual Draelith trappings. Initiation requires the Draelith celebrant to be blinded with poison and forced to survive in the harsh environment of the subterranean realm for one year. Success results in having their vision returned, but with the sight of the spirits as well.
Yes other beings existence outside of your limited human mind and accept the fact there are other things out there numerous demonic races and entities but you have never once called upon them or the demonic Gods and saw for yourself due to your own spiritual blindness and laziness this sad pathetic attempt at best is laughable I am going to get my archives together for those who wish to call upon them and give a free ritual to call their Gods for themselves kid you don’t know shit and niether do they so keep strawmanning on the Draelith the succubi are also depicted in that idiotic crap demonic latin written in some of the names looked up

The main argument of christian scott is the goddesses and from what I looked up in that game is called loth not Illivryn as I stated in the video it also has Asmodeus and Demogorgan from what I looked up which is a shaitanic mask of a dark progenetor of the cosmos but I suppose those aren’t written about as well what other similarities do you think there are child? I am not trying to make any belief here feel free to disagree if you haven’t tried contacting them idiots like this are why demonic entities scarcely have humans in their temples let alone astral project to them. The Draelith and thier langueue as well has been here for awhile what you posted was a mere update of its original copy

Now unto phylacteries which there were entries explaining these in the books choronzon volume two and Anthology of sorcery

Here is one of the post of the past explaining the phylactery and some of the lore behind the relic.

The Lich: Undeath & the Nature of Transfiguration

Lich. The very word is shrouded in lore and misinformation, though is in fact a state of being that every disciple of the black path should aspire to attain in one form or another. Consider for a moment what you know about this term. Most individuals upon reading that singular word think of adolescent fantasy stories and games. Their minds gravitate to the realm of fiction rather than the reality of one of the most terrifying beings to ever have left its dark mark upon this earthly plane called Etheris. What few realize is that the Lich is very real and very much an absolute defiant terror that spits in the face of nature, divinity and the filth of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic theological stranglehold. The Lich is a horror from the Eternal Grave; an abomination that is cold, calculated, powerful, patient and absolutely immortal. The Lich is not only a being of undeath in the truest definition, but an animated, intelligent and malevolent promise of a future everlasting in a state of perpetual biological and metaphysical stasis augmented and bolstered by the unforgiving current of death.

To understand this concept of an unliving monster that once identified itself as a mortal being, you first have to understand how this whole aspect of being first came to exist. The origins of the word can be traced to various European languages where their linguistic term simply translated to “corpse”. In the Maergzjiran Cabal, it was initially the German “Leiche” due to the Grandmistress of the era being of German descent and simply utilizing that term to mask the truly wicked creature that dared to overcome mortal boundaries.

By virtue of the name itself, “corpse”, and owing to the nature of it returning, we immediately turn our attention toward the necromantic arts. However, while necromancy will offer you the opportunity to speak with the dead, throw death curses and grant you some of the natural aspects of death while being fully alive, necromancy was devoid of any reference to becoming a Lich through the rites of Lichdom. Certainly, many necromancers sought immortality and few achieved it through pacts, siphoning the spirit of others, or through vampirism, what fundamentally changes the nature of this type of immortality was the use of the phylactery. This was and still remains the absolute trigger object and infallible key to necromantic transfiguration; that is, undeath apotheosis as the genuine Lich.

Just as quickly as one will denounce the Lich; claiming it a child of popular fiction, they will also criticize that the phylactery is an invention of modern fantasy. This in fact is proof of individual ignorance. The term phylactery originates with the Jewish people as an ancient artifact which carried scripture and was worn on the forearm and above the brow. It was believed that this simple leather box created a link to “God” whilst the devotee was in the depths of offering prayer. The definition of phylactery meant “to guard, protect” which is precisely what these did. Firstly, they protected the Torah scrolls and parchment that were placed within. Secondly, they created a shield of faith around the observant Jew who poured his heart and soul out, through the phylactery and out to his faulty god.

Much of the Cabal’s magicks originated in Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. This is precisely where the Lich’s phylactery came to be. In Damascus during the late 10900’s HE, there was a group of clandestine necromancers who were observing the Jews and their operations with these tefillin, as they were known. It became strikingly clear that there was indeed a connection made with use and there occurred a natural exchange of energies between the spirit and their blind god, Yahweh. To this end, they sought to study this in more detail and note the full reason for this exchange as well as how to manipulate it.

In order to accomplish this mission, the necromancers commonly resorted to abduction and brutality to acquire a living subject which to observe and use extensive abuse to drive more desperation to the spiritual fore. In this manner, the necromancers could observe a greater exchange of energies the “closer to ‘god’” the tortured subjects became. Those final moments right before death overtook them created the highest influx of spiritual energy and potential for transformation. In their experiments, they found that the more devoted Jews were able to withstand far more punishment and could survive when others of similar age and physical makeup would expire. This was of no particular surprise as the force of spirit was already well documented. However, this forged the hypothesis that genuine will, which is necessary for all successful rites combined with proper magicks could potentially create the very agent for absolute transfiguration.

Ensuing for centuries were a multitude of inhuman and savage ritual experiments focused on creating a permanent link which would deliver an exponentially stronger flow of spirit energy which would totally sustain the body. Unfortunately, these experiments only manifested awkward changes with the bodily form as well as hastened aging and death. The Syrian necromancers were already familiar with the ghouls that roamed about the deserts and mountains alike, but knowing they were already undead soon came to offer the final piece of the puzzle: undead augmentation. Necromancers and the undead have always carried a bizarre relationship where despite the typical lack of care for the living by the undead, necromancers had earned a special place beside them for their works facilitated the undertakings of each other. Therefore, the necromancers began experimenting with using both a blood offering of self as well as augmenting it with the ghouls’. This would prove to yield the first successful transfiguration.

By combining bloods into the phylactery, the necromancer was able to create a full transmogrification of self by pouring heart and soul into the phylactery which was now anchored to the ghoul. This then created another ghoul from the once mortal necromancer’s flesh vessel. From this initial success, they realized that what they had missed was a supernatural anchor whereas the Jews had attempted to anchor their phylacteries to Yahweh. This anchor for the necromancers would be an undead being that already walked the realm or a Demon, Spirit, or a god or goddess of death. Because of this requisite anchor, there developed a great deal of communion between the necromancers and the entity they most wished to become akin to. Generations later, in the 11400’s HE, the wife of the first Grandmaster, Syra would bring this knowledge to the Cabal, yet this would not complete the grand formulae by which the Cabal would use, as the Buried King, Zazazel and Patron of the Tower of Atrophy had his own method.

In life, his name was Brenhin. A Slovakian boy who had begun learning the magickal arts fled from home when his father had murdered his mother, a worker of the spirits of the fey lands. Brenhin learned from a sorceress who had in her own twisted way adopted the young man. What he did not realize was that she was merely grooming him to grow in such power that when he was ripe, she would consume his soul and extend her life. Through his own workings of divination with the Spirit known as Rishar Brenhin realized that his end would come at the hand of his teacher. Therefore, before she could harm him, he instead killed her and through ritual vampirism, consumed her soul. Empowered, he sought a phylactery for himself, though at the time, he only knew that he required some type of relic which would safely house any residual or excess spiritual essence. Having happened upon an iron-covered skull, he thought to make that his personal device for the transference of spirit. Through his own experimentation, Brenhin learned that through self-inflicted brutalization and bloodletting, he could not only transfer this excess essence, but also transmute it into something more potent, maligned and eternal. He continued to speak with the Spirits who had accompanied him through his journeys until it was explained that he required an anchor. This anchor was of no particular deity or being, but rather an exceptionally powerful egregore of his own creation; a being which was a representation of himself in full apotheosis.

After years of ritual; bloodletting, soul-siphoning and expunging himself of ego and identity, Brenhin was able to fully take on a new flesh and spirit; the self in apotheosis: Zazazel. These long years in seclusion spent killing himself for an opportunity of harnessing an otherworldly power finally came and he would rise up a Lich in the flesh of a dead man. He held closely to the name given him in sinister whispers all of those years. In his triumph, the gate was opened to Maergzjirah and the Black God, Cernobog offered him a seat in the Eternal Grave as a Patron to necromancers and other death-obsessed disciples of the black path.

Syra was the first necromancer to be part of the Maergzjiran Cabal following the first Cabal Patriarch, Sybastien’s blood pact with Cernobog. When she came to know the other Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah, she instantly became a servant of Zazazel. By combining her native method from her Syrian ancestors and the Buried King’s, an entirely new form of transfiguration via phylactery was born. This entire formula consists of the following: a chosen vessel for the energies to be poured into and exchanged, an anchor, sacrifice of self via blood, spirit, life breath, etc., prayer and meditation, and most importantly, a properly aligned soul. Without possessing all of these requisites, the necromancer is sure to destroy himself rather than ever achieve any glimpse of immortality for all he will do is poison his soul and self-destruct. In order to obtain Lichdom, you must push yourself to the threshold of death, but you cannot die. If you return to life, you have failed to transform, yet to die is to lose the battle for immortality. At the threshold you must transmogrify. It is in those final moments; as your body begins to fail and your identity is contained only by your phylactery bathing in a pool of blood can you be shrouded in undeath. For he who strives mightily and is of pure intent while devoting himself to the nightly bloodying and punishing of his flesh vessel will find that in the end, he is no longer mortal; no longer who he was a time ago, but rather immortalized and purified through undeath. The necromancer’s pinnacle is in attaining immortality through undeath apotheosis. It is in this state that he no longer ages, requires no sustenance other than what he desires to ingest; time and physics are invalid to the Lich and nature is a laughable concept for there is nothing natural about him.

There is yet more as the rituals that prelude the magnum opus of Lich rites create a terrifying foundation for this unholy, undead fiend to emerge. Ages ago, this plane was a less guarded prison than it is today and therefore, magick was easier to manifest. Today, with technology, mental poisoning and the death grip of governments, societal regimes and religion, their oppressive and suppressive nature has created a thick filter over this realm which requires extreme action to manifest otherworldly results. Therefore, we must push further, harder and break the veil.

The phylactery is the catalyst for the Lich’s transformation. However, it requires more. Aside from the mass blood sacrifices that the necromancer performs over the anchored heart of the phylactery, he seeks to deaden himself as much as possible. To this end, prior to taking up the last rites of the Lich, the necromancer undergoes what we refer to as the “Lich’s Wake”. This is a time when the individual enters an extended seclusion among only the dead. This may be undertaken in a mausoleum, abandoned hospital or asylum, battlefield, or known areas that harbor expansive vortexes to the realm of the dead. Here, the necromancer will deprive himself of sustenance save for only necessary amounts of water, stale bread and expired offerings to the deceased. If possible, the necromancer should seek a level of intimacy with the dead, such as sleeping beside the corpses and using their bones for divination. This is deepened through corpse divination which animates the cadaver on a base level enough for speech, whereby the Spirits speak through the remains to reveal answers to the necromancer’s inquiries. Offerings of life breath and blood are made throughout the day and night to the Spirits of Keraktes, the Eternal Grave and continuous chanting is performed to align the soul with the undead current. Typically speaking, most necromancers will remain in this seclusion for a month or more by which point there is little left of the individual. What comes next for the necromancer is a series of rites that tear apart the veil and allow the Spirits to begin their own preparation for the Lich hopeful.

Having deadened his flesh and soul; turning his mind only to his immortality through undeath, the necromancer now begins the Black Harvest. During this time, the necromancer seeks to successfully unleash two great evils into the world. The first is the Keraktian Sinkhole and the other is to execute the L’Vassnti Or’shanse, or Innocent Sacrifice. These two rites concluded bring the necromancer to the threshold of Lichdom and only the final rite remains.

The Keraktian Sinkhole is a terrifying thing for in the midst of ritual, the necromancer is able to drive such a powerful spike of malevolent energy into the plane that there is now a tear in the planar fabric that cannot be closed. This open wound leaves the gate easily accessible for the undead to emerge forth and ravage this realm. Further, one can watch as the world around the sinkhole begins to die off. Vegetation and animal life is snuffed out and mortality rates spike. The intent of bringing death becomes a personal agenda to the mundane who adhere to their high morals and therefore, one may watch as they tear apart one another like rabid animals for no reason other than to spread the influence of death in their madness. With time, the sinkhole grows and its influence over all life is expanded in kind. This creates a powerful vortex that spews forth the raw death essence required by the necromancer for his work to be complete.

The L’Vassnti Or’shanse is another matter that is kept well only to the necromancer as it requires the total sacrifice of the innocent. This is not referencing the morally innocent or weak, youthful children. This simply is a mocking tone to represent anyone who does not bend a knee to the ways of the dark path. The enemy. I am quite sure that everyone who reads this has someone in mind that they would delight in the opportunity to lay upon their sacrificial altar and rip their mind and soul out and carve their flesh; brutalizing every last aspect of their being until nothing remained, but a vile display of horrid intentions. While physical sacrifice is technically not required as hexes, soulrape and binding can accomplish similar results, it tends to push the individual completely beyond a point of no return. It is total liberation of self.

The Last Rite of the Lich represents the final ritual the necromancer will perform to achieve his apotheosis via undeath. This requires the necromancer to be steadied in his personal ritual space that is now a wide open gateway to the Eternal Grave; a sub-plane of death. With a special elixir, incense and his phylactery, he will cast away any aspect of his mortality that remains; shedding life, identity and the world he knew in an effort to bury any semblance of his former self to be reborn a Lich. It should be noted that even now, even in these final moments when triumph seems automatic, if the necromancer retains any desire to remain or has not fulfilled his proper requirements for apotheosis, this rite will become toxic and he will surely die in a very negative and unproductive way. Lichdom will be forever lost and all that he has worked for will be just a faded memory. However, should one be so devoted to their path of Lichdom and rightly obtain that state, he can truly rest his bones beside the gods of darkness and death. The Lich is otherworldly, unnatural; supernatural. This undead necromancer possesses terrifying power and a constant flow of death essence, for death now obeys his eternal will. Thoughts are mere extensions of deeper self and therefore manifest in their desired form instantly. One’s touch is lethal and their blood is a sacred libation in and of itself. Truly, nothing can kill the Lich and should his physical body be destroyed by some atomic degree of carnage, the phylactery retains his spirit which is then given free rein to find and possess a new body. As an immortal being, the possibilities for this world are endless, yet now the gates to other worlds open for nothing can actively hold the Lich.

For some, the Lich is a commendable, but unattainable concept. For others it is a nightmare they serve while others see the Lich as an unholy creature they wish only to escape. In the Cabal, the Lich is something we seek to become absolutely when we walk the path of atrophy. We have the Buried King, Zazazel to look to for guidance and inspiration and we have a cadre of Spirits in Keraktes, the Eternal Grave to assist us in our discoveries and execution. We Cabal Necromancers have our Maergzjiran ancestors who have achieved apotheosis and left behind their path notes. Lichdom is not something distant, nor is it merely a state of mind. It is absolute. Immortality. It is eternal undeath and uncontested power surging forth from Keraktes through our hands, crackling like black fire and cascading lightning.


Like all other disciples of the path of death, I know you desire unparalleled power and eternity to be firmly nestled in your hands. It can only be achieved through apotheosis. However, it cannot be grasped unless you are willing to die by your own hand through the brutal, torturous, methodical and bloody rites of the Lich; anchored to a realm of cold, darkness and despair. While you sit and weigh your stance and options, hoping to gain some advantage through shortcuts and to avoid the inevitable, you must know that eternity awaits, but only for those who throw themselves into the maw of the grave with complete abandon. It is only when you can openly accept your doom and invite death can you possess the final key to apotheosis. The key to Lichdom rests within the lock on the gate to undeath. Push yourself to the threshold and there you shall find it waiting for you to unlock the gate and step forth an undead master of the soul; a living embodiment of fear, defiance and death. You return from the threshold a Lich.

They Phylactery based off of the corrupted Teffilin

Similar relics are used in my own ancestry with the Lwa,Orisha etc with mojo bags which houses life breath blood and other personal components

We as sorcerers carry conduits to channel power in which we believe is to great for our supposed vessels of clay at least before transfiguration it has many benefits in changing the vessel starting with the three etheric bodies the mind, body, and soul to summarize each Tower and demon has a divine conduit usually a sceptre or weapon or some form of another stored safely to which they can reconstitute themselves

@TheStorm you are correct that is a form of Liche from Slavic lore who also utilizes a form of phylactery and is very much undead at least you and Jp understand our concepts rather than attempts to twist my words like these few have. I also know for a fact that the author of the harry potter books essentially took to the phylactery and making a decision to rename it a “Horcrux” her own personal spin on it she is essentially famous for nothing merely writing stories based of Wikipedia and old lore but now people think the Divine conduit or ritual tool the wand or sceptre is a joke in the occult community stagnating them even further into a state of lethargy from channeling tools and their power.

This is also why Occultist are stagnated from making any new discoveries such as the accusation that Zazazel isnt on Wikipedia imagine if you will every sorcerer who brings forth new knowledge and is ridiculed and the entities they discover are called frauds just like humanity always does with a new idea the same blind people who told the Wright brothers they would never fly

Joe Stark Could this be overlooked because you are unwilling to explore the interpretation of the demon brought forward about bringing forth sincere knowledge or statement about an intimate subject and or diety that is not rooted in the postmodern deconstruction of the stagnated occult world or science devoid of the subjective human experience have you become terrified to explore your own mind and what you thought possible or will you take the route of bickering like a christian when they have been caught in thier contradictory lies and fallacy backpeddle and stick to the lie and further attempt to drift further into cognative dissonance I will still speak on my video as well and dissect even more so it might be a long one dispelling fallacy this time you may actually wish to watch the video and absorb the Insight along with the lies about relics as well once and for all it appears you lot are running out of topics.

You had potential Joe but it was wasted because you didn’t want to create a free relic that would’ve helped you on your ascent instead you did exactly as I stated in the video saw the excuse to abandon your ascended self in its Temple before it prospered along with Dan updike he fell for the hype and jumped on the bandwagon fad.


My apologies as well to the rapid post it was rather extensive know this Joe you skipped out on the rite I literally called forth the Astral Dignitaries of The Void for you to receive a rite catered to you and you drop out of contact upon receiving it and didn’t bother there are others who could’ve made use of the time and effort that went into it run back and tell the others my archives outnumber the very minutes they have been alive I will continue to fight for the Demonic entities and won’t stop you speak of them not existing but you sure were a believer during my group ritual where you and everyone else felt thier presence and the power they delivered unto you.



Not so:

Before you work up any more persecution complexes, I actually believe spirits are “real” which is to say, they exist independently of us, even existed before mankind walked this world, I also think spirits from D&D and whatever can be either masks of older beings (seeded into the open creative minds of game devs by the ancient being) or assume life in various ways, so I have no philosophical objections to your beliefs whatsoever, and since magick isn’t my religion I don’t care unduly what other people believe, so long as they’re doing the work.

Just so people know what we’re talking about here:

Magicians keeping their soul, or parts thereof, outside their body for safekeeping goes way back into history, I have read several fiction books from my dad’s collection (broadly, 1960’s - 1980’s, Harry Potter began 1997) that have this concept in them.

I dislike J.K. Rowling intensely because of her virtue-signalling about migrants, while she lives in a gated mansion, BUT she did nothing wrong in taking something from established lore and using it in her books. It’s called “research”!

And on a thriving, growing, forum, you’re here to say she made magick LESS popular, less of interest? Or that the use of tools is somehow falling out of favour because of her - when the hosting, bandwidth, and maintenance of this forum you post on is paid for, in part, through sales of leather-bound grimoires and magickal tools like cirlces, amulets, etc?

There’s no evidence for your claim, and far more IN favour, the Churches were basically correct that fiction like this glamourises the occult, I know older books aimed at children and talking about magick were a key factor in my past.

So, with respect, you keep making claims that don’t add up, for example we established that this never happened: “my profile has been deleted several times here due to me defending the cabal” and you know it, so why make outrageous claims and get things wrong when you could be representing yourself and your beliefs positively, as @TheStorm does here?


I had to split up my posts with copy and past since there is a character limit it split up the Teffilin posts and the artifact its is a typo due to me having to copy and past if you want to put your two cents in try piecing it together its obvious you are coming from a biased argumentative viewpoint in an attempt to make a so called example as if I am attacking you personally and balg I am attacking rumor

Actually we do allow others to debate with us freely just not bicker back and forth with us endlessly and yes I just answered the messages its astonishing you aren’t treating me fairly it comes from bias you didn’t have a problem previously when others were bashing and defacing our group here even in the past I didn’t accuse you of anything merely bias and somehow losing my account which “DID” happen. Its amusing because E.A me and Somnus spoke about reconciliation after the evidence was plastered everywhere outside of the balg form and even before he became a member but I won’t beef I am merely here to defend the spirits then I will leave but you have shown yourself to be bias look up J.k works and statements about those who practice sorcery this is in response to your message.

My profile Velum Videntes was indeed deleted in which I had to create a new one I already PM you with the email as well I can send you emails as well if you’d like about the profile existing

I too dislike her for these reasons along with her not thinking the customs of the sorcerer she does not believe in or care for sorcery or real witches I didn’t state she was wrong from it but that’s simply what it is and people need to accept it I’m stating these in this debate because this is whats been said even outside about The Cabal itself when it comes to the Phylactery lich or liche this was even spoken of in an interview with E.A several years prior on balgs youtube channel.

But NOTHING I have picked up on there is a typo, of any kind? They are statements made that are easy to debunk, not individual words that have the wrong letters used or the wrong order.

I don’t think you’re attacking me personally, I do ban people if they start preaching or causing a problem because those are the forum rules, I am baffled though that you claim a history of persecution where I know none exists.

And when I offered you a chance to prove this claim, lest my memory be faulty, you failed to do so.

You answered the messages but nothing you gave me supported your claims, then you tried to fudge the issue by making it about alleged earlier accounts Asbjorn had?

But it’s not his (alleged) accounts that were the issue here, it’s your claims of persecution, and I am pursuing this because it casts light on your thought-processes and basic credibility as a spokesman of any kind.

If you have links where people are bashing the Cabal, use search, on the forum or via Google, and post them here in this topic.

The thing you don’t understand about this software is that it’s set for maximum transparency, nothing is ever lost or deleted - this is that account:


Anyone who wishes to do so can click it and verify the following:

1: you were not banned - it would show right on your profile, in orange-red (like this):

That orange print is not optional, it shows up on ALL suspended accounts.

2: from that public page of Velum_Videntis, “Joined Dec 8, '12 Seen Sep 29, '16” and the last post was made June 27th 2013, all of this is visible on the profile.- no evidence it was active on here in between.

3: no threads available in Search mentioning the Cabal, and that username, which pretty much (along with the memory of people who have been in here a little longer than Sept '16, where the system itself shows last activity) concludes this wild goose chase.

I probably believe broadly more in what you do (spirits are real, and pre-date the appearance of mankind on the world) than what I gather Asbjorn believes, so I have zero reason to be “bias” against you.

But it looks from the evidence like you’re making shit up to act the martyr on here, and that’s just lame.


Though to be clear, you are trying to convey the impression I or the forum in general bans people for spurious reasons, and if I leave that challenge unanswered, it may cause newer members to lose faith in their freedom to post, to disagree with either things I or the other mods and admins post regarding our experiences in magick, and generally helps foster a climate of distrust and nastiness.

So, yes, that kind of is an attack, albeit not personal, and I won’t let it slide, or just sit there waiting to alarm someone who may believe it, and fear they can’t discuss their work.

YOU can search up posts with the search function, and enter usernames of accounts you claim were banned by using this link:

Replace any spaces in the original registered name with underscores, as you’ll see on my own name and on

Post the links of these banned accounts as evidence of your claim.


@Lady_Eva I am going to stay out of Admin issues, but as far as phylacteries go there is a definite basis for saying that phylacteries were Jewish Artifacts

@TheStorm I make the point the idea didn’t originate there though, that they date back to ancient Greece and even ancient Egypt, pre-dating Moses, but the specific claim made was that “The term phylactery originates with the Jewish people as an ancient artifact” - neither the word itself, not the custom, originate with Jewish magick, kabala, or mysticism, though they are certainly the best known for carrying it forward into their present day faith and culture.

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@Lady_Eva Well, if I am reading this correctly the word phylactery itself seems to have originally been a Jewish Artifact to store Old Testament texts though the term may have originated (like pretty much every single term out there) from similar words from different languages.