The Buddha Way


Hi now I’ll get into it I was on here before I quit completely working with the LHP and denounced my selfish ways I no longer work with the demonic and as such I am on a higher frequency that they can’t communicate on and haven’t bothered me since I now am on a path of spiritual enlightenment and no longer am self focused on gaining things like power or wealth I have accepted that I am a small grain of sand on a beach and nothing more but I am also not separate from the beach itself and like it or not I am apart of it’s collective I consider my new found philosophy a mix of nihilism and eastern religion such as Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism far as spirit guides go I work with Yeshua (not the modern form of him known as Jesus) Gabriel the archangel Ganesha the elephant headed sun of Shiva and the mother of compassion aka Kuan Yin or known in the west as Mother Mary…
I have no intention of ever joining the “dark side” again so anything regarding Lucifer or demons I won’t participate in thanks for listening…


The subjective aspect of this is light and dark. Im just saying.
I personally have to reach the higher waves in order to work with the Goetia. So I dont think I share the same idea that they are “dark” beings.


The Tao Te Ching tells you that yin and yang are an illusion. To follow the Tao, you must have a mix of both, and transcend them. Falling to far to the side of yang(light) means you’ve lost the way.

In the Journey to the West Kuan Yin is depicted using tricky and violence in service towards the greater good of protecting her disciple and bringing enlightenment to the world.

That story was clearly fictional, but consider this. Compassion means you wish to stop the suffering of others. If the malicious actions of another human is the source of that suffering, will you not strike them down for the good of all?

This is not to dissuade you but to get you thinking of different possibilities.


Bruce Lee went into pretty big detail about this in his books.
Just some knowledge if you ever want something to go read.


Where I’m at now is a bit tricky it’s more leaning towards the light yes but it’s at a point now where I am almost non existent and I don’t even consider myself an actual separate being with goals or wants it just feels that I am apart of everything around me but still at the same not attached to it…its a weird feeling


I guess you could call this positive nihilism realizing that you are not important and just another blade of grass in the field living a pointless existence but accepting it and just going with the flow and embracing the chi instead of focusing on personal goals


Oh, I understand that feeling. I tried getting there for awhile and took a sharp turn into apathy. When everything becomes pointless I stop wanting to be connected to anything. You processed that path better than I could have.


Yes life is pointless and we are just a bag of atoms and cells on a spinning rock in space or the other a flat piece of land without a curve but even still you can enjoy a nice walk in the park breath some air meditate and enjoy your pointless existence until you die and either just rot in the ground or get reborn into samsara or some other realm either way everything is going to be OK :v:


Just find your wave and enjoy the ride :slight_smile:


People assume nihilism is bleak and hopeless but it can be peaceful and you can enjoy the benefits of meditation even if you don’t think karma or rebirth is a thing on the plus side if you are a nice guy and karma or rebirth is real you could be reborn again somewhere nice


I wholeheartedly believe in reincarnation but that’s a whole nother discussion.


It’s the most logical believe IMO


@nihilistbuddha Can you define please more why do you think life is pointless? I feel that how we take ourselves seriously is illusional for example in manner of how we assume that relationships and its “organizational structure” concept is how life suppose to be consumed…(behavior inbetwen mother and child)


Gods speed to you mate. But anyways, speaking of which, how well do you know the taoist pantheon´´? And how do you understand the the eight immortals of the taoistpantheon´´?