The Brotherhood and Sisterhood Of The Infernal Empire

What is the brotherhood and sisterhood of the infernal empire.

There exists certain hellish cells/main houses in hell. With specific and important agendas and capabilities.

From the infernal emperor himself, Lucifer.
From the nine Demonic Kings themselves sitting upon the obsidian palace.

There are however two groups which not many know that are joined and connected.

The Infernal Brotherhood.

The Infernal brotherhood is the four scepters of the infernal pillars. The infernal pillars hold the foundation of hell together.

These pillars exist in the four corners of the universe or what we call the four cardinal directions. Just like Abaddon kept mentioning the importance in the BOA to shatter the disks in the four corners of the universe.

This was so the infernal pillars can rise, giving rise to hell on earth. The infernal brotherhood are the gatekeepers Azazel, Belial, Abaddon and Amaymon, the four dark gods.

Their dynamic bond is the masculine foundation of infernal power. Each are the gatekeepers of the four gates which are four separate pieces of one gate.

As they rise so does the black sun in the sky, the darkness bleeds into this existence and the mouth of the abyss opens in the ground.

When the brotherhood merges and become one, they become the dark lord, the horned god of darkness and damnation.

The Infernal Sisterhood.

The infernal sisterhood are the four chalices of the forbidden elixir of power.
For within it is the blood of man, of beast and God alike. Within it is the unholy sacraments of sexual juices, semen and menstarul blood.

For this is the chalice which rides through the planes on the beast of Babylon.

The infernal sisterhood is made up of Lilith, Eistheth Zeninum, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Naamah. These four dark Goddess’s are the feminine foundation of infernal power.

As they rise so does the blood moon in the sky, the eclipse of sin and lust and menstarul secrets rise. The gates and tunnels underneath the secret roots of the Qliphoth awaken and make way for the adept.

For they are waiting the soul at the secret realm of the dark bloody waters, where all shall be revealed.

When the sisterhood merges and become one, they become the bloody goddess, the dark goddess of darkness and sin.

The Bloody Goddess and The Horned Dark God.

Once the brotherhood become one and the sisterhood become one. This creates the ultimate union.

Think of it like Ahriman and Az Jahi, both feminine and masculine forces of darkness and infernal forces. The Black sun and the blood moon.

Those who understand the revelation and prophecy and if approach both the brotherhood and sisterhood of the infernal empire.

The possibilities are beyond what you conceive, the results and growth in your ascent will be unimaginable.

For I have worked this path it is truly amazing.




Brother, I need your input for my stories! I mean if you want or have time on your hands, would you like to?

Hey man,… How could I go about getting more information like a direct method I could utilize and apply into my meditations and ritual…? Have you in fact channeled a sigil or enn directly co- relating to the infernal sister/brotherhood?
Apologies for not inquiring directly through the Gatekeepers, or Feminine entities within the merged Goddess… I really enjoy your ritual work shared on the forum. It’s always been one of the most potent methods I have ever consistently used with little to zero negative results…
This is particularly valuable when approaching new relationships with entities I have yet to work. With or begin any type of relationship yet… Hit me back if and when you have a chance please bro… Also would love to pick your brain regarding shipping etc… During Pandemic crisis times and stipulations…
If you are currently otherwise busy or have not seen a reasonable date regarding if and when you can confirm a purchase of your enchanted jewelry and fetish items?
Appreciate your time, and would be incredibly happy to hire you for a number inquiries I would love to ask about… Just about to receive Canada’s crisis emergency fund in 2 days… I qualified and was approved for 2000 $ a month ( direct result and manifested outcome of E. A’S MAGICK SQUARE he got from book of abramalin… Anyway… Hit me back asap! I got disposable income to burn! Lol
Darkest blessings Connor.
R. A. M

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Well you could always book a consultation with me for more information, you could always hire me for Mentorship too which I believe would be the best route for you.


Bro… I had no idea that would be an option… My inconsistencies regarding the time I spend online really kind of exacerbates the same habits over and over just different intention and goals… I think if my aid $ come tomorrow latest Monday…
. Shall we set up and confirm a consultation regarding mentorship and exactly What we ar looking at financially and schedules untill we both have a clear understanding of what’s expected from. One another and go from there sound good homie? Even just playing with the idea of mentoring directly under you has been a fantasy of mine since I began my journey a cppl years ago… Lol… Wow k sick. Stoked… Lemme know when is a good time next week to schedule a consultation ( have not purchased or experienced Andy author consultation or any affiliates other than BALG forum. Members, oh and I am really close friends with Xag_Darklight BALG Compendium contributed youngster ( just or is soon to be turning 16!?! And he has a similar resonance sensation and results as yours (to a degree, I won’t list the differences lol) it’s only important that the similar passion or borderline obsession with The he black mages ascent, and consciously utilizing the keys to our evolution is slowly yet densely becoming the primary orbit overcoming the emmensely dense "shadow forms( thought forms stemming or originating from aspects of one’s shadow. Quaran. Any who! I’m ranting again…
I will cut myself off and save you the hassle of my excited typing and wish well and look forward to setting this up… Not. Only for benefits of. Learning but also showing and earning my attained power through mutual respect and by far my most valued trait is my work. Ethic and intensity upon which I exert in e ery task. I’m invested in. Anyway. Actions speak way louder than words of a stranger from a screen… Can’t wait to ha e the opportunity to work with you brother… I’m Strait up 100% serious on following through. Please expect a message from me soon.
Bless. Talk soon!