The "broken" angels?

Hello everyone. Today while meditating a concept came to me. I was in deep thoughts about how to push my work with angels when i saw “the broken angels” in my mind. It came from nowhere. I pondered on this as there have been many classifications for angels such as fallen(which i do not think are the same as broken). I havent been able to find much about “broken” angels. Does anyone have any idea what this could be about? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Depends what was meant by “broken”, e.g. non-functional? At a guess I would think it might refer to lesser-known angels, or those whose purpose has been adulterated or forgotten or co-opted, or perhaps just the 72 Angels of the Name, whose names are derived when Hebrew Psalms are “broken” into parts. :woman_shrugging:t3: Beyond that, not sure.


Hmm. It could be the psalms thing. Or possibly the angels who have been co-opted. That would make sense to me. Yea it was random but for some reason it struck a chord with me.

Would have to put it in context as well re: what your current angelic work has been and what you’re trying to achieve. Perhaps the answer will unfold over the next few days?


Angels have feelings too :handshake::fist_left: maybe broken from people calling on them for dumb shit


Im currently i have one task with Raziel. And I recently summoned Zadkiel just to establish a connection. That is the extent of my work with angels so far. I hold no real goal except maybe forming my own path or school of magick. Thats it really though. The answer will probably come later.


Its possible. Maybe broken refers to the angels who have been used and forgotten?

To be honest the only thing that makes sense is if they’ve been demoted or fallen from their place in the hierarchy , idk

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The words “broken angels,” have been used to refer to damaged and abused people who still try to help others, despite the bad things that have happened to them in life, so it may not have anything to do with actual angels directly, but perhaps more about not letting the past dictate the future.


That is entirely possible. I didnt even think about that. I will more than likely have to call upon Raziel or Zadkiel to recieve an explanation. I didnt even think of a metaphorical explanation. Thank you.

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Very true. Im not sure. I will contact Zadkiel or Raziel to see their take on it, most likely tomorrow.

Arachne says they’re similar to nightmare angels.

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Interesting. Ive never heard of nightmare angels. If you and Arachne do not mind, could you two possibly explain a bit more?

Nightmare Angel’s are angels that are both angelic and demonic hybrid. They are spirits that reside in the Daath.

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I’d have to agree with DK on this


Yea. Im going to ask Zadkiel tomorrow for some clarification on what it meant. I figure he will be able to give me the best answer.


Very interesting. Is there any links where i can read up on these beings? They will be useful to me even if the broken doesnt refer to them but a metaphorical meaning.

I believe vk jehannum has some info on them. However if you’d like to meet them you can contact Heraclos (hes a commander of the nightmare angels), Laylah, Shassiff or Labartsu. Unfortunately I do not have any sigils for them because I dont use them. Since they come when I call.

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Thank you. I shall call upon them with in time. I will fcall Zadkiel tomorrow and see what is actually meant by the term “broken angels”. Hopefully i can get to the bottom of this. Much respect. Stay safe.

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Happy to help. You stay safe as well!


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