The Broken Angels Journal

I just now picked up on the 31 kings part. When you add 3 plus 1 you get 4.
A weird coincidence is my life path number is 4. Not saying its a sign but it is a weird coincidence.

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The second broken angel. Anagal The Nurtured One.

I light a green candle and used white musk and patchouli as my incense. I called up upon this spirit and used biblomancy with “the world as will and representation” and an old condensed story book.

Are you there Anagal
“Quite clear to us”

What powers do you have control over?
“Nature/time and space/sciences”

What attributes are yours?
"Law and motivation / vagueness / knowledge "

Tell me more about yourself
“A pile of coins”“there were murderers for hire in rome” " man of noble families" "my lord " “i betrayed no woman”(973 was also mentioned so this number may mean something to Anagal)

Any knowledge you wish to give me?
“Guardianship of the prevailing national religion over philosophy”
“We must first seek for a new truth, not a proof”

Anagal seems to give a nice natural feeling. He mentioned many times nature or things pertaining to nature. This spirit does not seem to enjoy alcohol as an offering. He also seems to be more manly but vague. Possibly due to having more feminine energy. Im not sure.


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For reasons i wish to not disclose i will not be following up on the other fallen angels. Conflicting paths and such. I encourage anyone to pick up my work if they wish. I only ask you to mention me in your work as a start. Thank you everyone.