The Breathing of Khephera , a Vampiric Breathing Technic to Refine your Life For

Hi Everyone

In this Post i’m gonna Teach you the Breathing of Khephera This Breathing Exercise(Pranayama) is a Wonderful technic to master in order to Enchance your Practice of Vampirism.

In The Egyptian Mythology Khephera is the Beetle God that continually recreate Himself(Refine Himself) So his Name was the Perfect one to name this Exercise.

In The Practice of Yoga, we Found the Term Pranayama, Pranayama is a Term composed of two Words, The First is Prana, which mean the Life Force, the Astral Blood, also known as Chi, Mana Etc… Strongly associated with Air and Breathing.
the Second is Yama which mean Control, So Pranayama means the Control of the Life Force or The Control of The Breath.

There exist a Lot of Pranayama Exercise that are aimed at Different Goal, The One i will taught you is Based on The Complete Yogic Breathing but with Visualisation and Affirmation added to it.

In Order to be able to perform this exercise in the best way possible, you must already be Familiar with the Seven Chakra, with The feeling and Manipulation of Energy, with Bandhas and with Visualisation, being able to Focus on one single Things for a Couple of Minute is Also very Useful in this Exercise.

Here’s a Link that Show how to do the Three Bandhas Needed in this Exercise :

So lets Begin:
After you have absorbed the Life Force of your Prey, Sit in an Meditative Pose if possible or on a Chair and Apply the MulaBandhas, Then Condense Your Life Force in a Ball in your Muladhara Chakra(Base Chakra) Feel the Heat that is generated by this Condensed Energy at the Base of your Spine and see it as a Bright White Gold Light Ball.

When you can clearly see and Feel the Energy Condensed at the Base of Your Spine In Your Root Chakra While maintaning the MulaBandha and Keeping your Focus on the Ball of Condensend Life Force, Breath in through your nose Pushing out your lower abdominal Muscles, fill the Bottom part of your Long then the middle part of your Lung then the Upper Part of your Long.

Hold your Breath for 4, 6 8 or 10 second, dont push yourself, While Holdin your Breath Feel the Ball of Condensed Energy Increasing in Heat and Becoming more and more intense and Purer,

Exhale through your Nose with contracting your Lower Abdominal Muscle then your mid-section(Lower Lungs), then your Upper Long until your completely empty of Breath.

While Exhaling, move the Condensed Life Force to your Svadhistana Chakra(Sacred Chakra) Keep the MulaBandha and Inhale as explained Before
,Hold your Breath for the same Time Duration as you have done Before and on the Exhale Move the Ball of Energy to the ManiPura Chakra(Solar Plexus Chakra) and Apply the Uddiyana Bandha,

Inhale as explained Before, Hold your Breath for the same time Duration as Before and Exhale, on the Exhale move the Ball of Condensed Life Force to the Anahata Chakra(Heart Chakra)

(By Now, if you were succesful in Keeping a Strong Focus on Feeling and Seeing the Energy you Should Feel a Very Intense and Strong Sensation in your Chakra where the Ball of Energy is, it can be Tingling Sensation, Or even Pulsing sensation, combined with a Strong Heat or Cold(its vary from Person to Person.)

Inhale as explained Before, Hold and Exhale, while Exhaling Apply the Jalandhara Bhanda and Move the Energy to the Vishudda Chakra(Throat Chakra) Inhale as explained Before, Hold and Exhale moving the Energy to the Ajna Chakra(Third Eyes Chakra),

Inhale Hold and Exhale as explained Before and move the Energy to the Sahasrara Chakra(Crown Chakra)

When the Energy reach the Crown Chakra Transform the ball of Energy into a Staff descending down from the top of your Head to the Base of the Spine, Visualise this Staff of Light as Much Brillant as you can, Like the Sun. and then transmute it into a Violet Light symbolic of the Black Flame of the Left Hand Path.

When You can clearly Feel it and See it, passing through your seven Chakra, Apply the MulaBandha, the Uddiyana Bandha and the Jalandhara Bhanda together and Seal this Energy with an Affirmation like this one :

'‘My Life Force is Pure, Refined and Permenantly Increased NOW!’'
Take some time to relax and Breath Normally .