The branding iron has left its mark

Looking for guidance…

Here is one part of my deep meditation/vision quest, which ended With astro projecting.

a being came to me, I felt no harm, they were an angel of some kind, I wasn’t intending to meet with this being,
Considering how dark my path has been of late I was quite surprised.
I was journeying to find answers, they came closer and were pointing to me…,

Which took my attention away from my purpose of my journey, I was intrigued, they got closer, still pointing at me they reflected my image to me, I saw a golden light busting through an emblem/sigil on my sternum.

They were face to face yet couldn’t touch this…
I could feel energy coming from there, yet couldn’t see it,
Oh at this point I wanted to see it,
so they took my hand and I was then standing with them, looking across at myself I could see it but only golden light busting out.

They explained this was important, I sensed they feared it or felt it was beyond there abilities, they definitely wanted me to know it was there and making it clear they would not tamper with it.

So branded I am,

Would love to here your thoughts…


There are some esoteric orders that place a mark on the initiated like this, and I’ve heard of path-workings that can cause them as well. It can be seen in the astral but not the physical.

They can persist from past lives, or be created from work in the current life, but I’d have thought you’d be aware of when you were marked if it was this life. Maybe these can occur during dream, work and be forgotten?

I suggest journeying into it to see where it goes or if you can recover any memories associated with it.


Thank you :blush: I have journeyed since to discover more, also I am a natural astro traveller I sometimes don’t remember all I get upto​:woman_facepalming:t2:

From what I can gage this was placed upon me before birth.
I am off Wiccan birth, my Nan said I was marked at birth but I wasn’t sure what she meant until now , the coven put a spell on me until they broke it on my 12th birthday when I could choose my path and learn and develop my abilities,
A good teacher of mine before her passing said to not fear what was coming it would always be my choice…

Thank you @Maulbeere for the suggestion of
Journeying into it, I shall try Again, to get more information,

for this time I was shown myself in a past life in a temple, within a tunnel I stand with gates along one side, I am held against the wall darkness engulfs me, I have no fear, then a serpent comes up to me, comes face to face and speaks Latin to me and I return the favour, then this golden light leaves the serpents mouth and enters me,
then the serpent changes in to lucifer’s angelic form who exchanges the light again…
Then green energy is exchanged.

It’s definitely intrigued me and I am enjoy discovering more about it.