The Bornless Rite - My Tweek And Adjusted Version

Thee I invoke, the bornless one.
Thee, that didst create the earth
And the heavens.
Thee that didst create the night
And the day.
Thee that didst create the darkness
And light.
Thou didst create the female and male.
Thou that didst form men to love one
Another, and to hate one another.
I am Atman thy prophet of thy self,
Whom thou didst commit thy mysteries.
Thou who didst create the gods and the devils.
Satnam, Creator, Destroyer.
This is thy true name.
Hear me, make all creation subject to me,
All spirits, souls, gods and devils
Hear my words as the words of the eternal,
The almighty. So that every Spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether and beyond.
Upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land and in the Water: of Whirling Air, and of rushing Fire: and every Spell and Scourge of Satnam may be obedient unto Me.
I invoke Thee, the great, the terrible and Invisible God: Who dwellest in the Void Place of the Spirit, who dwellest in the plane of extroverted soul, who dwellest in all things.
Mighty and Bornless One! Hear Me!
I invoke Thee
This is the Lord of the Gods
This is the Lord of the Universe
This is the Lord of the light
This is the Lord of darkness
This is He Whom the Winds fear.
This is He, Who having made Voice by His Commandment, is Lord of All Things; King, Ruler, and Helper. Hear Me!
I am He! the Bornless Spirit! having sight in all things and the Immortal Fire.
I am He the Truth, I am He the lie.
I am He who lightningeth and thundereth.
I am He whose mouth flameth,
May all creation be obedient unto,
I am thee eternal, I am thee infinite
I am omnipotent, I am omnipresent
I am omniscient
Soham Akaal, Soham Akaal
I am Satnam
Such are the divine words.


I really like this. Stripped down versions of this Rite is something I have a major appreciation for, and I am not even sure why. Personally I have taken to using the introductory incantation in the beginning of the Urilia Text of the Simon Necronomicon to the same effect.

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I’ve been doing a super abbreviated version of the headless rite (what Crowley based his ‘Bornless rite’ on, throwing in a bunch of gematria)

It has been quite effective, although not quite as potent as the full thing. But it takes only 1/8 of the time and does what I need so…

Anyways, good job on your variation of it

I like the one by Crowley because of (his speculated translation of) the Barbarous Names. To me, vibrating these Arcane words is key. But great job on your behalf, and to everyone who has success with it.

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I notice you go through fire, but you leave out air, water and earth for some reason. I always thought fire was the terrible and invisible god who dwells in the void place of spirit.

Awesome!!! :snake:

When you do this do you cast a circle or is this an incantation you speak unsure?