The Book of the Black Dragon - someone willing to sell?

I was looking for The Book of the Black Dragon published by Atramentous Press, but everywhere is unavailable. Does someone have it and wants to sell ? I want to have it in my occult library (I can attach some pictures what I currently have)

Try finding it through Amazon and Ebay.

Where are you at? US or UK? Or some where else?

Also keep an eye on Miskatonic Books.
You could try emailing them and asking if they can put you on an alert list if they get one in stock. They emailed me about a Vol 2 after I purchased a Vol 1 through them, so I know that’s a thing they do.

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I’ve emailed Miskatonic books a couple of times for things and they’ve been great every time (also, support smaller book sellers)!

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Checked both, unavailable.

They don’t have it in their shop