The Book Of Soul Retrieval: Questions

I took a look to this book called The Book Of Soul Retrieval because i´m thinking working with this book, and at first it seemed pretty good info, but around Chapter 10, out of nowhere it seems the author talks about some weird Moon conspiracy and Nibiru and things like that, it sounded like Alex Jones, and it put me off a bit

do you think this book will work fine even with if i don´t do the whole “cursing the moon” thing, i mean, i´m planning working with this book first because i want to be prepared to work with the Qlipphoth afterwards

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Yes, you can do the rituals without the ridiculous moon conspiracy nonsense.

To paraphrase Bruce Lee: Find what is useful. Add what is uniquely your own. Discard the rest.



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Bro. The problem with defensive magic, white or black, is that is not only a matter of how effective is the ritual, but a matter of entities volunties. If the called entity doesn’t feel symphty for you, you can offer your blood for nothing, and if the entity likes you, maybe you don’t need blood to recibe more than you expect. In my case, in the soul retrieval rite, which is the main: yea, it did something, but was the 1/30 of the supposed. And sometimes they are unpredictible: for example, Hecate never empowered me or defended me, like Iscis did sometimes, but once Hecate send me free sylver astral light and powerfull revelations. And then she never came back. So… they do what they want: control them with protocolar ritual patterns is a lie. Sometimes, good ritual performance is just your ticket to and audience: you can recibe a kiss or a kick

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