{The Book of King Paimon} - An Ongoing Pathworking


Sertanel is the final Djinn.

I placed the sigil inside a triangle of three white candles. This spirit arrived in seconds.
Task me
I commanded it to teach me the skill of memory integration.

Over the course of this working, unpleasant memories have emerged. Shadow rising. It seems wise to consider the possibility that these memories are rising up for a reason. The reason is that there is something I haven’t resolved, or accepted. The solution to this is Integration.

As soon as I tasked this spirit, it said
You know that you are the unconscious. that is where I will work. Goodbye and thanks for playing.

This is the final spirit in this entire Pathworking.
I found Sertanel to have a sense of humor.


This Pathworking is done!

I went from being unemployed to being fully employed, with benefits and bonuses.
I learned that my most valuable resource is time, not wealth.

I learned that I need to spend serious time examining my “beliefs” about Darkness. Working with Darkness, with my current “beliefs” about it, resulted in serious blockages: resentment, malice, and spite. I want to be clear that I am pointing the finger at my beliefs.

I learned that 90 days is the maximum amount time I should spend when working a Pathworking.

I finally learned Divine Authority - it works better than trying to only make friends with spirits.

I learned that Power doesn’t really interest me that much. I’d much rather have a small community that I can be a part of, and help out, if needed.

I learned that famous occult-y people don’t really interest me. I’d rather walk my own unique path, instead of following the path already walked.

Some of what I have learned may seem generic.
However, it has my experience attached to it.
And that is what makes it priceless, to me.

I may follow up this post with some of the spirits that revealed themselves to me.

@moderators am I allowed to post a link to the book I used for this Pathworking? The author is @Xag_darklight


This is fantastic, I’ve read the posts sporadically. Once I have some more time to dedicate, this pathworking looks like something i’d explore sooner rather than later.

Could you expand a little on this. I haven’t read the thread in its entirety, so if there’s a post that talks about this in detail, I could go through that.

Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome! To clarify, you can do the pathworking in a month or so. We have 14 Demons, 10 Angels and 5 Djinn in the book - 29 spirits in total.

Basically, my entire approach to spirits was concerned with making friends with them. This created an imbalance of power, and confused some spirits. I would go through the hassle of evocation, only to have a chat with them. This created a situation in which they saw me as a Child considering the idea of becoming a King, with Divine Authority. But I remained a child.

Divine Authority is remembering that you all the All, the Universe, God. So are spirits, and everything around you. What makes humans unique is we incarnate on this density, with all the stuff that comes with it.

Divine Authority applies this knowledge. You call them with Power and Authority - and you aren’t a dick about it. You order them, like a wise a trusted boss will tell his subordinate to complete a task. And they love it.

Getting that attitude right is a skill worth developing. That is when stuff really gets done.


Unfortunately not. It would count as commercial promotiion, as Xag sells it on his own site, and is no longer affiliated with BALG.

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It was awesome reading this. The experience was yours but I learnt much from these entries as well which I applied to my real life. I also made a really awesome friend :laughing: