The Book of Enoch

Who has read, in part or whole, The Book of Enoch? If yes, what are your thoughts?
I have my opinions of the matter, but I am curious of the opinions of others who have looked into this topic. I originated from protestant roots. This book is of personal importance to me, as it was one of two catalysts in my life that began my journey to the search of the spirit world, and the world of questioning organized religions that many are brought up within.

I found many topics within this book interesting, such as astral projection of the main character Enoch. A topic which is considered to not be well accepted among the Christian majority. Yet Enoch the character is cited in the traditional Bible.


Which Book of Enoch, there’s three separate and different versions?

The Ethiopic Book of Enoch (Enoch 1) ended up in the canon of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Church.

But the Slavonic Book of Enoch (Enoch 2) and the Hebrew Book of Enoch (Enoch 3) are both excluded from any canon.

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The only version that I have read is the Ethiopian version. I was not even aware of this (2)Slavonic Book of Enoch. I will look for this. Thank you for this information.

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Then my thoughts on it are pretty average. Another pseudopigraphical work from the intertestimental period.

It shows beliefs at the time of the Jewish people, and it’s meaning possesses a more metaphorical use, but it doesn’t describe the true life of Enoch, as it doesn’t try to. It’s a work of midrash.


It’s a good read it ties in the fallen angels with some demonic names we know now as well as correlating with David and the Goliath


Hear hear! (But to be fair, “The Book of Enoch” is the commonly referred to “three-in-one” (mostly) non-canonical text (of texts). E.g., that which discusses Azazel.

But absolutely correct in asking “which of the three”. Kudos.

Go well on your journey, and in all things, Be Well!