The Book of Azazel by E.A Koetting study group June 2, 2024

I have invoked and Evoked Azazel to begin my pathworking with him.
Azazel: Why have you summoned me sorcerer?
Me: I seek knowledge and to rekindle the warrior fire within, I am ready to work with you and your legion.
Azazel: (Chuckles) be sure that you are…then leaves.

Later felt another presence for a split second thought it was Azazel but figured it was Ant’ Harratu.

Given I have the book of Azazel the words, the words to call upon each of his legion really jumped out at me.

In the book of Azazel he is said to appear as a warrior clad in armor of Iron wit a Corinthian style helmet on. I will agree that he did appear as a warrior but his armor was as black as obsidian and his eyes burned like fire. I expressed my desire to have my enemies and obstacles both seen and unseen removed from my existence. And almost immediately( the next day) I noticed a change in quite a few people around, especially my ex, who is the mother of my kids(even my feelings towards her fizzled out almost immediately) This also working in tandem of me signing my pact with Azazel.

While I was preparing to call Salas’ash Ant’ Harratu again came to me that I must begin to envision what my empire will look like and start walking into that vision without hesitation, and then asked what it was that made me so worried and I told him the idea of change and who I would lose, I was quickly reminded that only those who are not meant to be with me and that is all.


In the Book of Azazel, Salas’ash is able to bring money to you quickly nut not able to keep it in a continuous fashion. This i can attest to first hand, I had summoned him both pre and post pact and have noticed success in both times, albeit various degrees. He has come to my aide when i called him and as i go through this pathworking with Azazel i have already energetically developed a pull towards many in his legion and decided to alter our pact to benefit all in a longer term vs the original time line established, which not only pleased Azazel but was more than willing to except the new parameters.

As we speak I am preparing to summon Lord Kiltan and begin my workings with him.

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I know I have been quite the last few chapters her pretty quite for me, but it is now time
For me to get to the chapter that works with the demons. I am going to try to evoke and post every single day or at least share all my notes here.

How is everyone else doing with the book?

Did a evocation in the Friday for Lord Kiltan for him to influence a person. I will see how it’s going.

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Do you have any update yet?

Hello :wave:! Well, I still don’t have a tarot deck to know how it goes (well, lack of preparation), because most of the times I did a petition/evocation the results appeared in the next day or the entities that I contacted give me feedback on how the progress is going. Maybe this is a way for Azazel to say that I shouldn’t be dependent of the feedbacks from the entities themselves, and that I should use some method of divination to know how is it going. For now, I will do an evocation to Azazel to receive from him some guidance. Thanks for asking

I read this book last fall with one thought. “I can do this too, but I’m not too sure yet.” As for all these “curse” phrases, I felt like the writers were using them as a spice. Make the text brighter. In general, I didn’t pay attention to this, only the essence, the scheme of actions and the result were important.
I have no experience with Azazel, only King Paimon and Asmodeus. In general, there is logic in this sequence. And now I actually have reasons to contact him and work on this book.

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Work with it! You will not be disappointed. I noticed that EA, in most of his books, use this very “edgy-like” words and phrase because: 1° - Some people who buy his books are edgy teenagers, and not everyone takes the magickal from the books seriously 2° - Behind the “dark words” are very profound occult meanings hidden between them or between common words and descriptions. If you’re starting it I would recommend for you to start with For’tash (until now, the most loyal and present from the Nethers in my works) he will slain every thing that’s bothering you and any problem will fall in his sword. But, the true is that there isn’t a order to do the works in the book, you choose what spirits suits you most and do the work.

*(Evocation tips): When working with the spirits from the book, don’t forget to print or draw the seal of the house it resides (for example For’tash is from Anatel, so you print or draw the Anatel seal and charge/open the seal). I have found that a advanced magician, or one that’s attuned to Azazel, do not need the seal of the house just the sigil of the Nether, but for people that are starting the works it’s better to open the seal of the house first. The seal of the houses are in page 78. You can use too (for facilitating the works) the Circle of Pact as a triangle of manifestation.

Put red candles between the phrases and chant “Alash tad al-ash tal ashtu!” to open the seal and the circle.


Lord Kiltan: According to the Book of Azazel he is A Duke commanding 200 legion of demons that will surround the target and implant any emotion or idea the summoner desires. I understand this as he as a master manipulator and can manipulate anyone he is set upon. I have been given the impression that he can not only manipulate minds but also situations within the summoners life. I have summoned him and been learning ways to manipulate the mind as well as situations to better suit myself, I feel some of his legion i will work with on a more constant basis.

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So, for me it seems like this will be a very slow and long term thing for me. So I will be very slowly posting as I have stuff to share.

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Ok, so out of the blue Pent’osch threw his sigil at me on Wednesday night. It’s pretty clear he wants me to work with him.

Found this post yesterday. Will test both sigils and see what that leads to.


Thanks for the detailed description!

I started working by addressing Azazel, through the symbol and enn. I felt a presence, but this time I did not receive any messages either during the call or through dreams. This has already happened with other spirits, so okay. I did what I thought needed to be done.

After some time, namely yesterday, I called Mammy’aon. I used the circle of treaties, the symbol of Malkash and his sigil. The Malkash symbol simply shone while I was using the «Alash Tad» mantra

In general, I started a creative project, I have already drawn up a plan for its development and planned profit. So I decided to start with the “demonic muse”.

Next I planned to work with Pent’osch and For’tash

I have a feeling that this will be an exciting journey.


So here’s Is something crazy. When I started this project I was like this is something that can been done in 90 days no problem. When I got to actually working with the houses and legions it has slowed done a lot as I am still working with the first demon that evoked and there is no clear end time. Just in this it is a huge lesson in not working on or with dead lines when it comes to your spiritual and magickal growth as it all does not fit in a nice neat little box. There is no deadline or time frame in it all. It’s a crazy ride and a lot of tough lessons already. I already had my life completely really things that I thought I knew I didn’t people. I thought I knew I don’t people. I trust it are full of bullshit. It’s just crazy the things being exposed and the things I’m learning and I am at the very beginning of this. I still have 38+ more demons to go.


Called Pent’osch using a ritual method of my own. I called the element, then the sign of Aquarius, then the planets Uranus and Saturn, in line with the info i was given just before this study group took off. I then called Uriel and Agiel, and under them Azazel, then the priests and finally Pent’osch.

Had vivid dreams that night without remembering any of them in the morning. Things have been moving since then, i’m still trying to get a feel for the changes. I’ve also had some strange realizations, one of which i had last night while doing hypnotic trancework. Turns out the way i was taught to ratify hypnotic deepeners are the opposite of what i should be doing to get the intuitive states i want.

I’ll make the changes tonight and see where that leads.


Can you share your findings with us if possible please?

Will do when results are forthcoming.

Keep in mind i’m not following the BoA method. I was told the night before this challenge took off to do things in a different way.

As EA wrote in the BoA, his original motives were as follows:

‘Amongst the accounts of witch’s sabbats and diabolical fornication stood a copy of a written pact made between some certain nobleman and a demon. According to the contract, the demon would supply the nobleman with wealth, political influence, and as much sex as he could enjoy. In return, the nobleman would, upon his death, relinquish his soul to the demon, and thus into the fires of hell, for eternity.’

And here is the pact EA wrote to put his stake in:

"Azazel, Grand Demon and Gatekeeper of the Infernal Empire; I make and sign this covenant with you. I covenant to submit myself to you, to turn my spiritual and temporal welfare to your hands, and the hands of your demons. I covenant to obey your commands and follow your directions, in that you will lead me into Power and Glory. I covenant to forsake all other gods, spirits, demons, or other entities, to ally with you alone.

In return for this oath, you will grant me the most secret knowledge of your power, and will leave nothing a mystery to me. You will surround me with your familiars, to do my bidding, until the time has come to raise my own demonic army. You will instruct me in the knowledge and power to become a Demonic King in my own right, withholding nothing that would allow me the fullness of the power that you yourself hold. Further, in exchange for this Pact, you and your Demons will ensure the flow of prosperity and monetary wealth into my life, which I may use for any purpose.

Azazel, in your name, and in the names of Belial, Abaddon, and Amaymon, I call the Gates of the Infernal Empire to open to me, and for this Pact with you to be accepted."
– Book of Azazel, pp70-71

When i keyscaled these statements out, i got a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT set of correspondences than he used. For one thing, none of the correspondences i got led to Saturn. Instead, they led to kaph and Tzedeq (Jupiter), and daleth and Nogah (Venus).

So when i call these spirits, i don’t use EA’s sigils or his Azazel pact. Based on what EA himself wrote, a pact to Azazel isn’t necessary for what he said he wanted to do.

Nevertheless, Pent’osch revealed himself to me, so we’ll see where this leads.