The Book of Azazel by E.A Koetting study group June 2, 2024

For some reason, it never occurred to me to use journeying to meet with Azazel. I’ve used it to connect with other spirits, like Ereshkigal, but somehow my brain was all, “Can’t do it with demons.” :sweat_smile:


I set up on the weekend to do the Azazel working, but my spirits gave me a completely different plan under a different set of planetary spirits, and they laid it out in great detail.

I’m pondering how to execute on this change of plans. I never expected this, but you know how spirits will show up like Let’s Work in a completely different direction than you were planning on going? That.


It happens that’s one of the main reasons why this study group is really set up for people to freely come and go. There’s going to be like initial structure to it just because that’s how I’m doing it but this thread will stay open until the system closes because it met the limit of comments. Since this is more his legions focused there may be a time in the next 90 plus days (while I am actively working) that you will be called back. When the end of the original group happens I am going to remove the time and date stamps I have and have it as an open discussion for everyone that is working through the book.


Day 4

(I asked about Evocation in general)
= Evocation is the ability to call any spirit, entity, force or energy, as God himself would do, and you can learn it as a second nature … so, start by evoking me, sure, you already did, but there are a few things more that you can learn… become proficient at raising energy, draw Hell energy up from earth, visualize it as dark red, it enters your body from the feet, it courses through your body, it springs from within you, it flows and it wells up; so, pour it outside of you, let it form the body of the demon, see the skies darken above you, a lightning vivify the manifestation of the spirit, call the entity and let it grow, let it become powerful

(then a channeling message)
So, you would like a message, very well, my message is that you learn to use nature forces to your advantage, to channel it, that is nature itself, to your advantage too, and you can learn that, it’s only a matter of becoming proficient at BEING; yes, being, I already told you of its importance … and so, armed with knowledge, that is, of your own being also, you can do great things


Tried the evocation method teached by Azazel: reached some degree of TGS and felt shivers.

please tell me about baneful magick
= very well, so, baneful magick is about curses, they may be practiced by creating a link to the target or the targets, which may be a photo, name or other (hair, etc.)
do not doubt the efficacy or if you’re right, once decision is taken; and pursue the demise of your victim, see that person as already dead

health magick?
= for health magick, if you want to follow astrology, do it in the day of Mercury, that is, on Wednesday, and in the hour also of Mercury. You have to create a link to the subject if you work on others and not yourself; you can also transmit life force to the target; or evoke an entity

love magick?
= do it on day and in the hour of Venus, create a link to the target, using name, photo or hair etc., or make the person drink a potion; you can also evoke a spirit, asking to influence the target; create an imaginative connection between you and the target, or between another person and the target; see them in a loving relationship


Day 6

“I’m here, deep as the Abyss, I’m here and you can do nothing about it, because I am. I’m here ‘on the wings of the winds’ as I told you in the past, and you can walk on them with me.”

Please, tell me about spellcasting
= Very good, so, spellcasting is the ability to cast a spell as the name says, but let’s consider that you can’t do it if your will is unable to move the forces of the universe, and so you must train yourself to be stronger than them. You can do so by breathing in the force of universe itself and becoming indeed stronger, I told you how to do it: you have to visualize white energy reaching you from the depths of cosmic spaces, filling you and pervading you, becoming part of your being; and you have to become stronger than desire. Be, even without having; only in this way can you become stronger.


Day 7

Further channelings:

  • You want advice on invocation and possession, very good, so bring yourself in a state of complete silence, create a link with the entity, each breath connects you with it, bring it close repeating the name, visualize the entity inside and around you, become it, grow with every breath, expand yourself with your new identity, let it transform you

  • Move in life by assuming a dominant identity, move freely, sure of yourself

  • About wealth magick, visualize money, let it flow in great quantity, yes, everything gets covered or transformed in money until in your thoughts only it remains and, of course, you can apply the same principle to other areas


I got a little behind with my posting due to the mundane. I will be back tonight with my take aways from Week One and the prompt for week two.


Day 8

Advices to apply to Divination: let everything be a mean of divination, everything become a scying vessel. What does an event mean? And a word, a number? What do you see on the surface of a table, on a wall?

Chakras and Kundalini: let any chakra spin fast, and faster, becoming more and more active. Each of them at a time pulls the Kundalini, stimulating it.

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Week Two Chapter Two:

What key take aways did you take from this chapter.

In your own evocations communication with Azazel (none verbal along with “verbal”) what did you find to seem to similar to what E.A Koetting.

How did they differ?

This chapter covered E.A’s experience with The Infernal Empire and The Infernal Hierarchy. Before reading this chapter what was your idea/version of each. Did reading this chapter change your views? Give you new views or validate the view you already had?

If you are not going to do the work later in the book due to being lead else where by your guides or Azazel himself but are still reading along feel free to still answer. Same for those that have read in the past and want to add to the conversation feel free to join in as well.


Going back to the last week I didn’t really make much note of the forward. Though I did find it super interesting the process Dante went through first to over come his drug habit. I did definitely want to comment on how quickly his wife wanted to join in on his ritual. I have in the past have done the same with a partner of mine. It’s like you are just drive to do it not just in support but like an invisible force drives you to step on that path as well.

Chapter One:

I wrote down this quote twice now the first time I read this book 5 years ago and then again this time during this work through of the book so I wanted to make note of it here.

“Evocation pierces the girl between the words from the outside; Soul Travel pierces the veil from the inside.”

I took this as get the “big” picture both of these are need in my personal magickal path It also reminded me of the first time I met with Azazel as a teen and we were in almost like ruins walking around, talking and the message and sights around us are still vivid in my mind now many many years later.


Yeah ive been down with a bad cold for a bit (seasonal bugs doing the rounds) but I hope to be back at things in a few days.

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Hey you have been doing this for a week and two days at this point do you have any key take aways from your first week working with Azazel?

It winter or going into wonder there now right? My allergies have gotten to me. I have an appointment today to get better medicine so my eyes stop itching so damn much. One is swelling because i keep messing with it :see_no_evil:

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Initially I wanted to “practice possession” more, for example by letting the body move, mouth speak… Alas, I most of all did some channeling.
Particularly yesterday it occurred me how the physical jolts while gazing at the sigil are probably due to him responding within me. However I also apologize to Azazel for having omitted 1-2 things; for the sake of simplicity I didn’t quote a sentence about how I am worthless without him. In fact, then it would be proper for me to explain what kind of Ascent I am pursuing :smile: but for a correct interpretation I may ask either him or E.A. during tomorrow’s Live Chat. The term also reminded me of one of Belial’s names, so there are a few possible meanings.

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That’s some amazing work and findings. I would definitely dig in deeper too. I would love to know your findings on what he meant by being worthless with out him. I look forward to the rest of your findings!

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Day 9

“When you’re eating and drinking, do that: imagine that the energy of an element enters your food or is being ‘sucked’ into it. It’s almost as if, instead of being you who meditate on the elements, the food itself is “inhaling” them. You can do the same also with demonic/infernal energy, etc.”

“During a bath or shower you can charge yourself with a chosen energy, as well. In the first case imagine that it enters the water; in the second one, instead, think that the energy directly pours itself on you.”


After my first 9 days working with Azazel, I can feel him around almost constantly and have been noticing a almost constant thrumming of my Ajna Chakra. A began incorporating moving meditations during my day though my martial arts training. Also the “Make your body strong” for me has been to get back into my martial arts which was something have always been very passionate about, so for me I take it as get back to the mindset and body of being a warrior.

Working with Ant’hurratu thus far has been interesting to say the least. He can be a simple yet complex entity, meaning that, for at least me, he tends to be more cerebral in his communications and if I cant fully connect with him for whatever reason I notice certain things will pop up on my youtube in regards to Ant’hurratu or Azazel in general. Has anyone else had an experience with Ant’hurratu yet?


Not yet, but I definitely share my experiences when I do.

It looks like Azazel has decided to put you on a strict regiment.