The Blue Flames

To give some context. Last august i was doing some stuff with Lucifer and at the end he said out of nowhere.(Try this, get a mirror any will do, as long as it’s big enough to see your whole body in, and sit in front of it and look at yourself until you see blue flames around you, that will be cool.) And me being me never stopped to ask him or myself why, o.k why not. So i get one from walmart for like 20.00 dollars, do that for two months until i see it clearly, and yes very cool. But now i really can’t unsee that anymore, it’s like its a part of me now, when i’m in TGS or sitting here now i see it around the corner of my eyes. Now it’s nothing that worries me or has been any trouble, i don’t know if it means anything or i can do anything with it, other than making me think i must look like Obi wan kenobi or that girl from the hellboy movie every time i see it. I’ve used the forum search and i have seen meditations one can do with candles and this may well be the same thing. But i’ve been seeing more and more about blue flame/energy in the last few weeks so i’m paying more attention to it. I’d like to hear anyone’s experience with things like this. And more important i’d love to hear people’s opinion on the significants of the blue flames/energy itself if any. what it means to them. I AM INTERESTED=)

meditate on the energy of the blue flame, if its constantly surrounding you results and information should manifest themselves quickly enough.

does it have anything to do with vampirism or necromancy? i have a feeling i recall reading something about a blue flame before

Last year before I started the Ordo Ascunsum Aetyrnalis, E.A Koetting visited me in my mind as I was drifting off to sleep. He had blue flames around his head and he told me I could achieve all 18 flames if I wanted them before he disappeared again.

Well the blue flames appeared again within the first initiation as you become Emissary of the first flame. I was totally engulfed in blue flames which were acting as a kind of spiritual awaking. The blue flames enchanted me for a couple of weeks after that before they went down so to answer your question, blue flames are spiritual momentum, and initial advancement into new occult technologies.

Not sure if this is anything more than dream fluff, but for what it’s worth…

I was trying to move things with my mind in a lucid dream one night, and I couldn’t do it until this blue glow covered the objects, at which point I could move them around easily.

Have you tried channeling and focusing the flames to see if you can do anything with it? You might try something similar to what I describe here: