The Blood Of God vs The Devil’s Blood?

Ok so I read the post by C.Kendall about the devil’s blood and it sounded like a ritual I may eventual tryout at the end of the post he mentioned another called the blood of god and got me interested what is the blood of god ritual, ingredients, effects as opposed the devil’s blood etc? Any explanation or link to the info to sate my endlessly curious soul would be appreciated.

Ps I’ve already spent some time googling the name and found nothing


Shall we tag @C.Kendall? He came up with that rite, so he might be able to break down what is going on in it, so you could better adjust for a variant.

This one fascinated me as well. From a Hermetic standpoint it seems like a ritual libation to lower one’s vibration, hardcore.

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The blood of God is basically a drink which is filled with a power, it’s been used in evoking eternity. However the devils Blood is a lot more potent, combining the two together creates a potent synergy of power, which should be used for a great rites that need a juggernaut worth of power.

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