The Blood Moon and the night eclipse

I have been having a dream that keeps coming back to me or more like they have.
For about two years now Iv been having dreams of this blood red moon that is so red that the land around me would turn this deep pink and the sky would be a mix of light red and pink/white clouds. The moon it self would be massive! Bigger then what I could imagine is normally able to see. I had dreams of a crow/raven taking me to this moon as well as the moon would “talk to me.” At times I would see these tendrils of energy from it. The last dream I had was the moon sending this energy to me but it was to much and I fled. I really thought that was my last dream of the moon, until now.
Last night I had that dream again. I came outside to see the red of the sky and the pinks on the houses. The trees looked black from the pink and red colors. I looked up to see the moon again. The moon looked exactly how it did in the past dreams. But I was not afraid or felt threatened by it. Instead I was happy and over come with joy. Next to the moon was a massive planet body that unfortunately I was not able to tell what it was do to it being covered by thick shadow.
Now I said about the night eclipse. I had dreams in the past where there would be this mid night eclipse. It would look like a normal one but it was at night. But the other thing is, the center be completely black while the tendrils of light/fire would be more of a hot white color.
I have been thinking over and over what it could mean. From planetary stand point to even just dissecting it and seeing it as metaphorical stand point. But the one thing I can’t shake off is how the moon would have this massive presence, as if it was “alive”. I know how the planets and such have energy, but this felt different then just energy.

What do you guys think about this? And if any of you maybe have a idea or perhaps experienced this before please do share!

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The Moon does not produce its own light at all. Its light comes from the Sun. The Moon reflects the sun’s rays and energy and its beautiful light, giving it another shape. The moon represents spirituality, spiritual journey, discovering oneself.

Your vision represents your path. The black Crow or Raven and the tendrils of light indicates Lucifer who is guiding you, many demons use symbols as a way of communicating their identity, the black crow is a messenger responding to your rituals. Lucifer uses the color black as an identifier and surrounding’s to convey a message, announcing His presence.

The darkened field, trees and bright red moon are symbols of nature, that he can’t create life but he can change it or destroy it, that he has created the moonlight around him. The changing colors of the sky, moon, planets are his signs as he is coming to you in this vision to your world from the darkened universe.