The Blood and Gods of my Ancestors

Necromaster was telling me about runes and Teutonic Magic. My family line comes from Northern Europe, and I found out that I have a lot of Teutonic Blood running trough my vanes.

I never looked into runes very seriously as Tarot is my preferred method of divination (Thanks grandma :slight_smile: ). But I know that runes are more than just divination tools, they have a power in them to change the magician’s life.

Necro suggested some books on the subject and after FWB is over I am going to start looking into the magic of my Teutonic ancestors. I found this online and though it would be a great way to give runes a shot at something and try and feel their energy. Luckily Hecate is really chill about me looking into other systems of magic as (to quote Jason Miller) “Tech is tech” I will keep ya’ll updated on how it goes, if any are interested.

So here ya go I herby evoke the mighty YouTube. Word of caution, I have heard form many sources that the Gods of this system only work with those who have Teutonic blood. If you are unsure if you have any do a divination or genealogical research, please don’t run head first into this system if you are unsure, I am sure you wouldn’t want to piss of Odin or Thor.

Runes for Success Part 1

Runes for Success Part 2

I would take a guess, you know, that I am not Teutonic in ancestry. Runes always looked like something pretty interesting, but upon hearing this, sounds like leaving it alone was the right decision.

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Who knows, they may not even like me.

Also…You, not Teutonic? Phst, I don’t believe it :wink:

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Does Germanic = Teutonic? Ive communed with Odin a long time ago but wasn’t sure how I was able to

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Yes it does. Necro quizzed me on my ancestry and after I mentioned that I have a lot of Germanic Ancestry he told me that Germanic is a Teutonic Bloodline. It is not the only one, but it is one.

Honestly I am very excited about this. This feels like a great way to honor my ancestors and bring them even closer to me and my life, by picking up a tradition that they followed. Maybe I even have a shaman in my line?

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Runes are a very powerful system, the more you work with them the more your thoughts come to think in their terms. I’ve found the runes to be very straightforward and not sugar coat things. Personally I feel them to be closer to forces of nature than actual entities which I’ve seen them described. The runes are nothing to play with, do your homework and understand what it is your working with, their effects aren’t something you call off but more like rolling a ball, the effects stop when the momentum is spent.

To the point about needing a Teutonic bloodline I’m on the fence about that, I’ve heard the same thing from purists of the ATR practices and yet we see people of diverse backgrounds have a powerful relationship with the spirits. I’ve got German and Dutch (along with Irish and Native American) ancestry so I’m pretty sure if I was to go back far enough I’d find rune practices in my roots.

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I have the same background (minus the dutch), and have never had a problem with runes or anything norse related, but I suppose that doesnt really help in proving the bloodline thing. Im guessing if an asian or indian person were to sit down in front of some runes, they would look at them and just think its all nonsense?

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Hello all,

I thought I’d add my views on the subject and contribute in a way I can as I’m not as knowledgeable as you chaps in some areas. Runes and Heathenism is something I’ve been studying for a long time and as I began to work with and meditate on the runes ad the gods (including the goddesses) and various wights.

It’s my understanding that, as tribal and ancestral deities, the gods and goddesses of what many know as Asatru and its related regional variations are going to be of interest to those of Germanic/Northern European ancestry but I see no reason why they’d only want to deal with their descendants. It’s true that many royal houses and others of Europe trace their ancestry back to these beings anyone with Germanic blood can count them as ancestors. This is just like (according to scientists, anyone with European ancestry can count the emperor, Charlemagne as a blood ancestor.

In my workings with them I’ve come to the belief that they’re interested in followers who have the courage to stand on their own two feet, not back down in the face of authority (even if they are themselves the authority as the eddas/sagas (I forget the source now). They also don’t want anything to do with the lazy. This being the case, I believe they’re more interested in ones heart than the origin of ones blood. They’re not the KKK after-all are they? What I would say is to meditate on them and if possible, travel to meet them (ie astrally, OBE, etc). You’ll know if it’s the right path for you. I personally don’t feel comfortable with some of the paths (such as Necromancy) on this site but know that we must all choose for ourselves. Some people say that after study they’ve found there are a number of similarities between Asatru and the ancestral beliefs of various tribes in North America and religions like Shinto in Japan.

If you’re not sure if you want to stay with them then don’t pledge yourself to them because that would just get on their bad sides, not a good place to be. I think they’d be willing to serve as a stop-gap for those moving from one path to another while searching for one they can call home. Like Eric, I was raised LDS so know all about that. In my 20’s I stopped going though and noticed strange occurances in my life at that time (and in my past when I thought back) that led me to the belief that they’re the ones for me. That being the case, if a person wanted to search for the right path for them, they wouldn’t be offended if they studied and experimented with their system as long as it was done with the right intention, before moving on to another system (such as maybe the Hellenic gods and goddesses for a Greek, etc.).

Just my input and I hope I’ve not confused anyone.



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Yeah I agree and just for clarity I am not system hopping. I love Hecate and She is my base. I also wanted to have a stronger connection with my ancestors and I think at least looking into thier spiritual path is a great way to do that.

But I have a long way to go and a ton of research to do before I even attempt it. I have to finish a loooooong pathworking first.

But thank you all for your insights. I am going to feel out the runes and get a good sense of them.

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Yes teutons are germans :slight_smile:

yea trust me once you get in touch with your bloodlines, that changes everything. your life literally has a whole new meaning and everything is just richer.

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