The Black Witch: A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue


Any one is working with “The Black Witch: A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue” by Enoch Petrucelly? It looks like an amazing work but never see one talk about it. Any practical experience or suggestion?


Welcome @zkchyo. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Second, i believe The Black Witch has just been released so no one would have any experiences to share.


My experiences with the daemonic tongue have been ongoing for the past year. It is something one has to delve into and embrace as the Ancients give you the ability to form those words while communing with you.
The more I have experienced it with Amaymon and Belial, the more power I feel is released.
I was very interested to hear about this book and experiences shared as well within. I look forward to reading it.:slight_smile::heart::black_heart:


Oh yes i saw the interview … on my long list of must havesss :blush:


I am a little confused about the pronunciation in the book. Hope there will be some videos about it soon.


Such a serious work definitely should be put in a must have list. :blush:


I gave it a looksee it’s worth checking out. Plus E.A. has put his books on Kindle Unlimited eligible and that book too.


It’s a little hard to read as the author isn’t as strong of a writer as the other authors commonly affiliated, but if you can get passed the weak writing and errors from lack of proof reading, there’s definitely some information worth checking out which is the important part.

summary: I expected the writing to be a lot more polished but the information is worth every dollar, definitely makes up for the writing.


I recommend you to try the Daemon tongue chants :muscle:


It’s one of the most fascinating books I’ve read. I’m about half way through it right now. Just reading through it now to get the gist of everything and then I want to start working with each Qlipha and the evocations one by one. Any experiences people are having or tips people have right now would be awesome to hear!