The Black Waters of Tiamat

I have experienced some pretty wild spirit activity lately but this takes the cake. I was performing an invocation of Tiamat as described in the Grimoire of Tiamat and as I was saying the words of the invocation the bushes outside my bedroom window began to shake and rattle and the candle flames flared up. I was almost frightened but I persisted. As Tiamat entered my body I asked her to burn away anything within me that stood in the way of my ascent and happiness. A sudden pain as if being burned consumed my entire being. I recoiled back. The pain began to subside and I could hear a hissing noise and whispers as I completed the invocation with the visualization of the “black submersion”. As I thanked Tiamat the rattling of the bushes stopped and the candles went to their normal subtle flickering. Primordial beings are no fun and games. I would definetly call this invocation a success as when I went outside to smoke my midnight cigarette I could still hear the whispers and hisses coming from all directions.


You should get used to the sensation of having dark beings enter your body so you can become stronger in mind soul and body.

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[quote=“Samael, post:2, topic:8594”]You should get used to the sensation of having dark beings enter your body so you can become stronger in mind soul and body.[/quote] I’ve only ever let Ningizidda and the Norse god Tyr possess me. Each being has a different feel. Ningzidda feels very calm and soft and Tyr makes me aggressive. Tiamat is a whole different kind of feeling once she enters.


I agree with these guys bro, i have had a few possessions with lucifer and energies enter me from others. But that is awesome i havent had the chance to work through that grimoire with all the magickal stuff i got going on recently. So its good to hear a wild story about the working keep up the awesomeness bruh lol

I recently soul traveled to meet with Ahmet again this time I asked him to help me be able to use power like his (he just has an energy of destruction around him) and he just reached out after taking one of his gauntlets off and grabbed my shoulder and my body went rigid and sometimes would spasm and it was like he was changing the entire inside of me when it was over he said I’d be able to do destructive magick better now I haven’t tried yet since I haven’t had reason but I feel the difference still

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Would you mind sharing your experiences & work with tiamat with me?

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I gollw Follow Frater perdurabo and am a practioner of all light & dark practices!

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Do you think a person could have success reading the invocation from the book as long as all the ritual follows by the grimoire?