The Black Tower's relics

Has anyone bought and used one of these relics with success?
The price is a steal if they do what they claim.
And does anyone know how I could become a member?

Interested in this also, would be keen to know. Thanks

I asked the same question in another thread and…no answer :frowning:

I hear it can take a while to get a hold of them.

Do you mean the Black court? I’ve never heard of Black Tower except for the publishing company.

yes I mean the Black Court.

yes it takes time toget hold of them. its like 10 dollars to join for a year or something. you get to fill in some form then wait i gues… im still waiting. i do not think members will tell you anything from the black towers unless you are a member your self. they are open to people joing but extremely secretive about what it is they do

Yeah black court sorry lol.
The towers are different groups right?

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:8, topic:2970”]Yeah black court sorry lol.
The towers are different groups right?[/quote]


Ordering materials from them is easy, yet getting them to send you your items takes forever! I ordered a book from them back in December and I’m still waiting. I filed a claim with Paypal and only then did they respond stating that if I were to dismiss the complaint, they would be able to send the material sooner.
Somehow I’m not sure I should have believed that line.