The Black Sun?

Last night I watched and then re-watched the video on Koetting’s YouTube, regarding the “Black Sun” visualization. It was something I knew right away I wanted to eventually try doing. I wonder, has anyone here done this. What were your experiences with it. Is it even something I should be trying as someone still new to this path?

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try this meditation…it’s really great!

The black sun is such an easy exercise; its advantages are so shrouded in mystery as to what can result through this operation. I’ve always wanted to try this but I did tend to renege, I suppose this was due to its simplicity and that element of no definite end.
I think its enigma will cause the mind to assume all sorts of possibilities and this is what I didn’t want to do. I decided to have no presumptions or expectations due to its inverted nature, as I didn’t want to cancel out any potential results. I therefore went ahead with an open-minded approach instead to simply see what could happen?

My first experience with it was a very still, cold and somewhat unsettled feeling I got from the meditation (much like the darkness exercise in WOD & O.A.A), It was captivating though and gave a relaxing impression. Going past that initial experience on the first night, there was still an unknown stillness coming in here (I think this occurs because it goes against the natural universal rhythms). I kept an open mind though and ‘soldiered on’ to simply see what the meditation would eventually bring.

With the coming of the third night, that unsettling feeling had vanished and my mind had now taken on a kind of curiosity towards it instead. The forth morning after seeing it set in the ‘east’ produced an interesting effect. Funnily enough, I didn’t really see this as a result at the time until a day later when it hit me like a brick!!

I started to develop a strong urge to attend to all those jobs I’ve been putting off for ages. My focus made me become more motivated in general and I started building a firm attitude of “WHEN SOMETHING NEEDS DOING, THEN GET IT DONE” no matter what this was.

I still don’t know exactly what this exercise is meant to produce, after giving it a serious attempt I get the impression that it tries to fill those gaps in your life in a way? It tends to provide an internal type of fire to occur, in my case it picked up on my bloody idle nature at times as I do tend to procrastinate and put chores off, or anything in general that needs attending to which isn’t a main priority.

Maybe the black sun acts in a passive way to provide motivation and energy towards those aspects in your life that need sorting. This could be a time of reflection for many people highlighting elements to discard so that the ‘new’ can be born? As I write this I can see the number 13 death card of the Tarot invoking within me.

Which means………Transformation is the true nature of death. A natural culling process could be taking place, or a clearing away of the old and weak to bring in freshness and new life. The death of a situation, idea or even a person that will inevitably make way for a rebirth of elements and then progression can once again start moving.

Movement indeed from deep within, motivation and an internal fire taking place is definitely what I experienced within the ‘Black Sun’

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Very well explained, I think it is clear what the black sun does, it gets things done that are to be done, it removes time and the waste of time. It removes obstacles, this is all very symbolic of Saturn’s nature as seen and verified from astrology. Saturn rules over time and he rules over obstacles, dark sun is embracing Saturn and becoming Saturn. Becoming the law, becoming the one that remove obstacles.

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