The black rose

Just a little poetry I’d like to share with you guys. I’d love to hear some of yours to? Enjoy!

Did it hurt? When you fell down and bruised you’re knee.

Of course it did… but it healed.

Does that mean my heart can too?
But then again… My mouth has been sealed.
From words whooshing out, breaking my heart.
You told me I was you’re rose, not just any rose.
I was the black rose, one of the unique, magical😍
You began to pick me, picking off my pettles…
Thowing me to the side…
You found a beautiful red rose that you always denied.
But I’m the black rose I’m unique I see every secret you try to keep.
Physically I’m torn.
Mentally I’m alone.
But magically I’m born :heart_eyes:

It’s 3am, taking a bath to heal my soul.
Water splashing against my skin.

Trying to figure out my meaning…
Why did you say I was the black rose?
Is it because I can’t breath when I’m around you?
I let you manipulate me about things that ain’t even true.
The bruises against my skin will heal…
But it’s not my pettles I will let you peal.

Spreading my legs whilst looking into my eyes.

Damn… the lies!

You know I can’t reject you.
You know I can’t hate you.
You know I can’t live without you.

I will open up my book, for this black dusty rose can find all of the love that you once took.


She Witch :blush:


thats awesome!!! i love poetry as i do myself!


Why thank you very much :smile: Well don’t be afraid to share :blush:


This is deep stuff, thanks for sharing.

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