The Black Pyramid

Okay so this is strange, when I have done structuring training I always structure a black pyramid. When I have spoke with spirits they tell me that I must discover the black pyramid for it has discovered me.

Azazel, Lucifer, Belial etc, have all mentioned the black pyramid. I have heard many occultists and magicians talk about the black pyramid, but there are so many different views on it.

Here’s my question what is the black pyramid in your opinion ?. For many magicians who have done rituals with me have said they see me passing through a black pyramid.

I’m having intense synchronicities of the black pyramid over and over I’m interested in hearing your opinions on this ?.


Conner Kendall.


I had a near death experience at age fifteen. My astral/soul travelled to a place that, I can only describe, as dark. Peaceful and eternal. I have visited that same place in the astral as a really young boy.

For a long time I have associated this place with Saturn although I have no rational information to work with.

The conscious memories, as a young boy, that I have of visiting a place that I believe was made of pure darkness/creation are some of the most vivid spiritual experiences that I can recall having.

When I had a cardiac arrest, my body dying, the motion was instant, my second body into a place that I always believed was the same place.

The place of darkness I remember seemed to be a cube although it was endless.

I’m extremely interested in this place as I believe that it is part of a portal.


I have worked with the black cube of Saturn in a very in depth way, I did think they were linked at first, however it is not.

It’s something far more older and far more advanced.


The Black Pyramid is:

Ancient Technology for raising and storing massive…like, bruh…Massive amounts of energy

A Temple of Sorts. Like the Temple of The Dark Gods.

A Extremely Powerful Gateway that can be used to go just about anywhere.

A library of Knowledge that Anubis holds keys to and one that is full of trap doors. I had to fight him once to get out of there cause i went there by accident trying to Soul Travel into the pyramids themselves.

Its also where the Carcasses of the Gods reside. So they are trying to get you to get into some Egyptian…work? Ascent?
Its essentially the place where you become a God in the fullest sense through Death and Rebirth.

“Be reborn in the Black Pyramid, Connor. I am Osiris.”

I would encourage you to listen to this rock song called “Anubis” as it describes the Nature of the Pyramid.

(Of course I could be wrong, but hey, thats what came to me.)


Have you seen a Lovecraftian inspired film called “The Void”? The black pyramid figures greatly in that as a presiding presence within the abyss.

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I go into the black pyramid all the time. I have had several experiences with velotak there.

Anubis does gaurd it.

It shifts and changes …

@Dinmiatus read me once and the black pyramid was temple. Where in he found my high priestess , which could have been my higher self or godform speaking to him.

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Any specific sign that one has projected there? I’m looking to go there

It’s a black pyramid With shifting gold heiroglyphs.

I believe @Dinmiatus saw the priestess at the sacred flame …in the front area of the pyramid who then gave him a “tour” of the black pyramid. She wears white robes

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Sometimes it appears solid black other times you can see the heiroglyphs

Does it sometimes move locations?

The philosophers stone.

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Sometimes you will see it in a dessert … other times in a deep jungle

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From what I’ve experienced they are different.

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Projecting now…

What is your point of view of the philosophres stone?

Did Azazel tell you that?
I’m not implying anything, I think there’s a synchronicity.

No, that’s the black and gold pyramids together iirc.

Ummm no its not the black and gold together

My experiences with the Black Pyramid the more I have visited it the stronger it gets and the more details appear. The black pyramid is my home and I know it like the back of my hand …

The black pyramid can and has combined with the gold for me once. But that has something very different to offer.

The black pyramid has been able to show me heiroglyphs for a while now that are gold … .

The inside is nothing like when it combined with the gold

@Fallen_Angel I’m curious to here your experience