The black magician vs the microwave imaging scanner

During my ongoing struggle with the team of hackers that have been trying to keep me off the internet I discovered a few things.

First and foremost the NSA hacking tools give WiFi towers the ability to transform into complicated imaging devices that can see through walls.

I felt the signal on my skin and decided to resist. I projected the magical armor of the magician around my body and I disappeared from the imager, much to the dismay of the hackers lol

THOTH and the gatekeepers came to me moments after. They were super exited about this revelation and asked me to share with you all.

As for the hackers themselves I now know everything about them. They are democrats party operatives with a stolen military computer…these guys are bad news, one of them even has ties to the murder of Seth rich.

They made the cardinal mistake…they made a magician angry and desperate, of course I’ve done magic to destroy them. But it’s worse than they know…NSA had them by the balls for a few days, they got all the info on their support network and the gangs they run. Baltimore police are now working with the feds and military to root them out in a secret bloody war that’s been raging here for the past few days. I think me and the feds are of the same mind. Let them see their criminal network burn to the ground before they take them away in chains.

But don’t forget yall! The soul of the adept can manipulate the microwave imaging devices. And thanks to my enemies we know this for a fact.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go back to terrorizing these scum.