The Black Magic video course?

Hey is the one hour free evocation of the Black Magic training course available now ? If so how do we know we got it ?

it will be out on halloween so tomorrow thou dose not say witch time tomorrow.
link hear

Oh I misunderstood I thought it was Halloween day lol. Thanks ,guess I’m just really excited for it to come out.

Posting for those of you who aren’t subscribed that will appreciate it.

Folks, I merged these 2 topics in unholy matrimony.

What do you guys think? I like it. Anyone know what kinda incense burners he is using?

I liked the end bit concerning “evreyone having to step through the doors of their own revolution.”

The slowly speaking bull was interesting, reminescent of the old black magic adage that “The devil gives a command yesterday so that it can be heard tommorow.”

The drone during the ritual could have been a little more ambient. RItual itself is always strange to witness on film and I think is better done in private or relayed in writing. Its kind of like watching someone dream, the persons inner experience is intense and valid, but an observer just see’s someone sleeping.

The message was inspiring and deffinetly felt genuine towards the end. The cinema was great, especially the opening credits. I loved the flours contrast on the red clay. Impressive idol as well.

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Posting for those of you who aren’t subscribed that will appreciate it.[/quote]

Thanks I signed up and didn’t get this link!