The black flame

I would like to hear any and all thoughts about it.


I’ve seen that thing once or twice without wanting to see it. I thought at first that it was a piece of coal, then after some seconds I realized that it has flames that are burning. I don’t know exactly what’s all about this thing, but I think it’s about some inner transformation or something. (at least from what I’ve observed) Your still upset on me? @Kassapu I’m sorry…

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I’m not upset! :grin:

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it’s the inner darkness within all of us ask Azazel for more info he knows all about it

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There’s lots of ‘black flame’ oriented things in the universe. This forum is the first time I’ve seen it connected with Azazel, though I guess that makes sense considering he’s an ember of the Prometheans.

Mahakala is the oldest type of black flame being, iirc.