The Black Flame

In 2010 when I was in rear detachment in the Army waiting to go home I met a being who appeared to me as black flames. It appeared in my room as I slept. It stood on top on my body looking down at me grinning with red flames going up from it’s eye’s and mouth. At the time I was terrified and I snapped too from sleep paralysis in a pool of sweat creating pools of sweat as I walked to the bathroom shivering cold.

For several more years I would continue to see them. Each time they would appear a new sense would awaken within me. However, their company also invoked extreme sensations of striking terror which was very hard to deal with. It took me years to be able to handle their black aura. These days I meditate and bask in cold shivering waves of resonating fear. Fear is how to connect to them, the black flame, whom I call The Igiki.

The Igiki are cruel non-planar beings. But what does non-planar mean? That’s means they don’t live on or near planets or heavenly bodies. They fly through space. They live in motion and generally travel and extreme rates of speed unfathomable to humans. Now why am I typing this in the Soul Travel section? Because I would often travel with the Igiki in my mind and they would show me things. I learned to commune with them on through my mind without having to obe or experience traumatic phenomena.

The Igiki showed me the cosmos and the birth of Light. First imagine you are drifting way out in space beyond light. You are drifting in a vast dark emptiness that’s calm. As you behold, before you are all the suns. Of course they are lightyears away as you drift beyond light but you can see them all shining. All their light creates one massive glowing orb, the full volume of light. Then, outside that shell, the dark expanse you are drifting in. If you turn away from light and go in the opposite direction eventually you’ll find a great threshold of extreme violence. Suddenly in the blackness, an even thicker blackness churns . Before you is an entire cosmic ocean’s black face and it is filled with epitopal violence. Yet, you persist on through the thickness. Through total darkness surrounded by extremely violent cosmic winds crushing space itself, you go. Then in the violent darkness you feel a current pulling you. That is the Abyssal tides which defends the outer shell of the Dark cosmos. Then, making your way beyond the Abyssal tides you find yourself in a great soup.

At this point I need you to become a divine being in your mind and imagine a place which has no emptiness. A place filled with all stuff and state of stuff. That place which has no greater macrocosm, Primordium, the first material realm. Primordium is an endless sea filled with immeasurable volumes of all matter which exists and doesn’t exist. That which flows and collides in Primordium churns in perpetual rawness and disorder. Massive seas of chemicals collides with radioactive rock and volatile gases create megalithic explosion which cause seas of fire to roll for light years into eternity. Even through Primordium, the Igiki race. The Igiki are masters of the black fire aura. Their aura is the secret and key to their power. We can all shapeshift but beyond that some of us can change our spirit’s state of matter in the energy body. This goes way beyond merely lowering or raising your frequency. Cosmic laws affects auric bodies. Black fire is like a supreme form that is extremely adaptive. Black fire is the Abyss. The Abyss is alive, it’s a collective form of the Igiki who were brought here by Light when Light was first born. When Light was first born it tore violently and swiftly through the cosmos. It bore into space it tore into the realm of the Igiki who collides with Light. Light was born in the realm of Primordium and created a great empty dark expanse, that dark expanse, The Dark cosmos. Then, after Light created the Dark cosmos, suns where born inside the emptiness and become galaxies and solar systems. All this and more the cruel Igiki showed me. And they are cruel. Do not think you can be their friend, you are not special. However, they do appreciate good sport. Just know that when you deal with Igiki, you are dealing with something not even Light and the will of Life itself was able to predict.

Igiki react very violently with and in light, that’s why their forms appear as fire. Do not think I’m talking about simple boring shadow forms. Igiki have fiery red eye’s and red flames that burst from their mouths. Igiki revel in cruelty and they are very powerful. Igiki can only be banished with rain.


I have this overwhelming feeling that I have read this exact post before, word for word.

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I’ve been on the internet for several years sharing my story. I was just wondering the other day if I’d ever happen upon someone who I might have shared this story with before. I used to be active in a variety of facebook groups associated with the occult.

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Do you live in Portland?

Nope I live in Jacksonville Florida.

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