The Black Dragon's Dream Talisman

Since this involves dream work I figured that this was the right section :slight_smile:

Last night I worked with the dream talisman from the grimiore “The Black Dragon”. This talisman is primarily comprised of two concentric circles the inner most contains the magician’s name and the knowledge they are seeking, while the larger circle contains the names of the angels the magician wishes to attend him/her during the dream.

Quick aside I have been recording my dreams and experimenting with dream magic for a few months in addition to the Remote Viewing course.

At 7:30 pm MDT I took a dose of Zzzquil as I had an early day and I wanted to get to the magic. I created the talisman as instructed in the grimoire with the names of Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, all four I have worked with outside the LBRP to some degree (Raphael and Gabriel the most) I wanted to add Barakiel but I felt the effects of the drug kicking in and I thought the four would be enough. I completed three repetitions of the appropriate Orison and headed off to bed with the talisman under my pillow.

I should note that the talisman’s description note that it gives you a vision of the past or future, but later on it seems to mention that you can be instructed by the angels almost as if they will teach you pretty much anything. So my request was for these four to facilitate a vision that would instruct me and give me tips on an upcoming operation I am planning.

I received 2 visions. Without going into a lot of personal details I will outline them and how they related to my request

The first vision dealt with the past and what would have happened had my father left us. Honestly, according to the vision things would have worked out great (My mother, and my siblings)my father is a real a**hole. Honestly things would have worked out better and My mother, myself, and siblings would have been much happier.

The second vision showed me what would happen if I stay with my wife. Things end up fantastic as she is a great lady and knows just how to push me to be my best. (I don’t have any plans to leave her at all)

Upon awakening I wrote down as much as I could and then looked for similarities in the symbolism. The angels gave me an answer to my request, instructing me on a few of the points of the operation I am planning and did so from the filter of a possible past and a possible future. It wasn’t until I noticed the common themes and symbols that I noticed the answer to my question.

I am going to use this talisman again in the future :slight_smile: