The black book of Azathoth

I’m guessing the release date is in September for the book it self since I already have the videos and mat. Can anyone confirm this? I don’t want to write a message to the help desk and look stupid.

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Hey man its out if you go to the catalovue on here hit the menu button then click i believe its the first option. Then u will see all the books and names for consultation and you should see the BBA o. There under one one of the categories im not sure if they were havinh issues or if they didnt know it wasnt showing up in the book part of the catalogue.

The banner ad at the top of this forum says 9/17, so it looks like that’s the confirmed date - Timothy updated that image a while ago.

I ordered it. Got the mat and videos but not the book. I just sent an Email. Let’s see what happens. I thought maby the book would have a later release date.

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Hey Lady Eva yea its been like that a while but thats a typo i think i think he meant it to be 7/19 bc it was blowing up like crazy in the emails and i got my book lol so im not sure whats up

Right, I’m not up to date on this, I’ve not really been reading the BALG facebook page lately as I’ve had a lot going on - if that seems off then probably best to go straight to the support desk, they should have all the details. :slight_smile:

Yea i feel you there i only get on here cuz im bored at work in the middle of the night lol. But yea even today was run around kind of day haha.

Awww…and here i was thinking you like talking to me… :’(

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Haha Arianna i do :wink: your about the only one o do talk to haha i love our conversations :slight_smile:

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Sweet! I dont have too many friends i can discuss my dark side with!

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Haha right my inner darkness comes out when i get home eveey day haha. Most people just look at you like you are from mars if you say something out of the ordinary gods forbid we all have to be as lame as them lmao

I’m still waiting for an answer about this book. I’ve sent 2 E-mails so far and still no response. Can anyone help me with this issue? I don’t know what to do. Maby getting in contact with the right person to clear this out? I just want to get my book that I rightfully paid for.

Do you mean through the Zendesk thing? If you’ve used that, try updating one of the tickets, see if that helps - opening multiple tickets won’t speed things up, but you can update one you already opened.

Usual disclaimer, I’m in England, not at all connected to BALG the business, and when I’ve e-mailed Timothy about things like this in the past he just says to refer people to the support desk, so that’s all I have to offer for this, sorry.

People do always get their stuff though, in every case I’ve heard about so far, so it seems to be just a matter of timing.

I re-posted/forwarded on the same first email. When I logged on to the zendesk it says "This request is awaiting assignment to a support agent. Both posts that I’ve made can be seen on the same filled request. One for August 18th and one for August 24th.

I LOVE this company/community and I only want to continue being with in it as an active member/student.

I will take your advise and wait a little longer. I don’t want my money back. I would just really love to have the book and the knowledge it obtains.

He’ll I’ve even considered getting the same book somewhere else while waiting for this one.

You should get it, when people have occasionally posted before or PM’d me, they’ve usually got back in contact within like 48 hours to say it got sorted out.

To put ulyour mind at further ease Blaze, everything they ship is insured. So if was lost or stolen it would get replaced. I had a friend who ordered a universal circleand ger christian friend stole it and did something with it. Right from her her mailbox. She contacted them but it took them almost a month and a half until they got ahold of her. But they did its just a waiting game.

Very we’ll guys.

Well, respectfully I’ve asked king Paimon for help. Let’s see what happens.


I actually had a similar problem with another publisher. The book I order came in 6 months late and I recently got it. The funny thing is when stuff like this happens it usually happens for a reason.

If I got the book I wanted on time, it would have been unfortunate for me because I wouldn’t have been ready for it’s contents and I probably would have discarded A LOT of the information contained within it.

But, while I was waiting for it, the path working I was on gave me some serious insight that would have been needed to understand the book in the first place. If i didn’t undertake that path working the book would have been useless to me.

So, magically speaking these kind of things always arrive on time. You’ve just gotta kind of look at it like that. I mean this has happened a lot to me over the last 10 years and it makes sense in a magical sort of way. You’ll know what I mean about timing of these things when your book arrives.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you that piece of information. And on top of this, I know Eric or BALG wouldn’t run off with your money. They’ll take care of it. They’ve always been good people to deal with IMO.

Thank you. Very insightful. I’m not really worried about them keeping my money. I love this company and trust in it.

The thought of maby not the right time for me may be right. I’m working on a few things at a time. I do have planned to work this at a future date, but because it’s a possible sell out kind of book I ordered it now before it was to late.

Anyway I ordered another one on eBay until this gets sorted out. I wish I would of seen this sooner. I would of strongly considered your perspective.

Thank you dearly.

Greatly appreciated.