The Black Bloody Waters

What is the black bloody waters.

So @Aluriel worked very heavily with the Infernal sisterhood, which is Lilith, Naamah, Eistheth, Agrat Bat Mahlat.

We had many discussions on their hidden realm, where they meet around this pool almost.
We both traveled there once, the was as black and thick as oil with a dark redish hue.

The eclipsed blood moon was over us, there the sisters gather around this Nexus of power.
It is the source of their power, the feminine womb of darkness.

I started doing channelings to understand the nature of this water.
The sisterhood said that a external blood waters can be created her in this realm.
It would be a beacon to the Qliphoth, to the twilight realm of the sisters.

It would also act as a two way gateway.
To travel to their realm, plus it brings the powers and spirits of that current to your temple.

It also is a potent scrying device, which harnesses the Qliphothic and sexual energies to create a amazing scrying device.

Creating The Fetish - The Black Bloody Waters.

Items required.

  1. Black bowl
  2. Black food colouring
  3. Water
  4. Blade or Lancet suitable for sacrifice
  5. Dragon’s blood oil
  6. Sexual Juices or menstarul blood or semen
  7. Black and Red candle

Now obtain the black bowl, add in the bowl normal tap water if you wish however rain or natural running water would be best.

Add black food colouring, next add dragon’s blood oil into the mixture and add four drops of blood one drop for each sister.

Add the menstraul blood or semen or sexual juices or even the combination there in.
Set out the black candle on the left side of the bowl and the red candle on the right side.

Light the candles, place your hands over the bowl feel the energies of water, the blends of dragons blood energy which is passionate, lustful and demonic. Feel the sexual energies inside the mixture, focus on the power of your blood.

Visualise a stream of red light circulating all the chakra, see it come from the root chakra feel it circulate faster and faster gaining mass and momentum.

Once it’s felt become critical, inhale and as you exhale push that primal, raw, sexual and animalistic energy into the water.

Now visualise above your head a blood moon, focus on it meditate on this blood moon for a couple minutes.


“NAAMAH, LILITH, EISHTETH, AGRAT BAT MAHLAT”. Vibrate each name four times, push the vibrations into the core of the blood moon.

This energetic construct will then pull the essence of the sisters to you.

Start focusing on the dark, lustful, raw, feminine demonic powers of the sisters accumulate above you.

Visualise the blood moon descend in the gap of your cupped hands.

Hold your hands over the bowl and slowly allow the blood moon to descend into the waters.

Whilst reciting.

" Zahlaya Venuz Ur Jek’melz ".
This is the incantation for rousing forth the legions of the dark sisterhood and pulling their essence towards your consecration.

Now simply open your eyes, begin looking to the black candle, start gazing at in trance like a candle spell.

Visualise the flame become black, have the intention of the black candle absorbing the shadows and residue darkness in the room.

Once you feel and visualised the darkness become imbued into the black candle move on to the red candle.

Gaze at the red candle like a candle spell, start gazing at it, visualise the candle absorbing all sexual tension, sexual frustration, anger, passion, love etc.

Breathe and push all those qualities into the red candle, visualise the flame become red.
Now with your palms together in the prayer mudra position point towards the bowl and visualise the energy of the candles enter the bowl.

Place your right hand over the bowl and state

" Lilith dark goddess come, Lilith come
Naamah Lady of the first gate, come, Naamah
Eistheth Zeninum Keeper of the black apple,
come, Eistheth come
Agrat Bat Mahlat, Demoness of dreams come,
Agrat come ".

Then focus on the energies surround the bowl, take the bowl charge it in the moonlight, then bring it to your altar.

Light the candles and as you scry into the dark surface.


“I open the black bloody waters, awaken, sisters open the gate”.

This fetish link will then become the external link to the black bloody waters in the sisterhoods realm. Use it as a gateway to summon them, use it as a powerful scrying device, use it to receive revelations and prophecy.

Experiment with it too, I made a temporary one and will be making another to show you all my progress with it.



Awesome ritual brother!

I’d like to add that doing this during the actual day of the blood moon works wonders as well.

Also this can really act as a gateway to not only see visions but ravel into and interact with the visions you are seeing, almost like a lucid dream. It takes scrying to the next level


Just did this and made mine

I was able to get a vision of Legions of Female demons staring at me as if waiting my command to come though the gate.

I also saw the Tree of Death and a A Giant Kunda Serpent Ascending it and descending it repeatedly.

Makes for a great Meditation when you become the Tree in Soul Travel. Reminds of something Dante Abiel did in Necromantic Sorcery