The Black Arts and Deformities / Side Effects?

Searching for accurate information on the subject of performing Black Arts causing debilitating deformities. The history, reasons why and what (if any) herbs, rituals, powers to invoke exist to reverse or halt the process.

A. The 48 year lifelong “Shamans Limp” (Knee deformities at birth, growing slowly now into advanced Osteoarthritis to be specific) is getting difficult to live with. The cane and leg braces are hated but needed.

B. My right eye and only the right eye waters more intensely with each passing month, each year - yet I have never known allergies per-se.

It is interesting to note that information on the possible, and in my case certain side effects of our work is not discussed in detail on the web. Just a lot of conjecture and fear.

Appreciate BALG thoughts on the subject.


There shouldn’t be any negative side effects if you do it right. I suggest you re evaluate your practice.

RL, can you be specific on what kind of Black Arts you are doing which cause these deformities?

My work includes… Masonic Blood Sorcery, Gatewalking, Necromantic Communications / Photography, Baneful Magick / Evocation / Invocation, Blacksmithing Iron into Talismanic Arts & Weapons, (occasional) Divination by bones. I spend a great deal of time researching and traveling off the occult “reservation” into the unknown.

I only ask because I have noticed at age 49 - as my skills sharpen over a lifetime, my body reacts in a degenerative fashion. The stereotypical pre and post Sorcery Event salt baths and cleansing rituals do not seem to be having an effect on the deterioration I am experiencing.

As most know - it is wildly speculated by the rarely informed puritan mundane that those who perform Works of Darkness suffer from onslaughts of unusual ailments. Like most of those reading this, I typically shake my head at most of the fears this mass of people suffer from - However, I have found some evidence on a personal level to support this strange theory. It has certainly shown itself to me over decades of private Sorcery.

I do not know if this has a “name”, other than the “Shaman’s Limp” or the various “Ailments of the Witches” I have found in my research. The data I have found is incomplete and rather biased towards “Karma” - which I do not subscribe to.

Regardless, it is a distraction I have learned to live with over the last 35 years, slowing only when my work is put on hold, increasing with the frequency of the work at hand gaining speed. It is insidious and moves very quietly, often initially revealing itself in the misshapen image in the mirror first, or the Xray - but never to my direct eye.

The Doctors are at a loss as to why it is happening. I have my own opinions obviously which I do not share with them. The pain is getting out of hand now, pain meds always fog and interfere with critical thought and creativity, thus I typically shun them.

I would like to discuss the phenomena I have observed first hand with others, as information is limited on this subject. Not just to attempt solve the issue but learn about it as well.

If anyone can point me towards web resources or reliable literature - that would be helpful as well.

its because the crap you evoke need to feed man and boom they each feed on differing aspects of your aura.

I tnk ya dont dooo baniishings ? Or purify ya area, and take proctective measures

In my opinion it is a mixture of unfortunate events not keyed to your spiritual practice and what bingohandjob says. I would dare say that if you gave yourself a full year where you’d invoke the aid of Raphael, Marbas and other healing entities plus opening a magickal square for health whilst abstaining from the practices you think that have a negative repercussion, ought to mprive your life.

Not saying “abandon those practices”, you simply would not be able. It would be lik telling you “hey, abandon breathing through the nose” or “stop using your left hand”. It is an intrinsic part of you and it will never be lost, this life or the future incarnations, but what I am suggesting is what doctors tell sports stars: Take a break.

See if you can manage a spiritual retreat where you cannot be bothered by phone calls and mundane stuff, were you are free to your own arcane devices, and I need to find you an exorcism I used from the SImon Necronomicon against demons that can be conveniently used against ailments if you convince yourself that those problems are entities on their own right.

Seriously man, you can do it. Just give yourself a “me time” and stuff will get back in place.

I genuinely appreciate the responses.

Yes, I confess I do have a open portal within an mirrored Armoire in my home, a crossroad of the Living and the Dead/ Daemonic if you will - with a small handful of regular residents. However, with my home as a safe house of the spiritual - it does come with some strong restrictions.

Malevolence is a Dark Pneuma skill I appreciate in my spiritual allies, and I direct it accordingly when offered. My belief has been that Power seeks to be used, but no one likes to be called only when another “needs” something.

However, to reside here one has to earn their keep and we all have chores to do. Some keep the area clear of rodents (human or otherwise), some conceal my lab and library from prying eyes, some enjoy controlling who has a key that reliably works the doors. One seems to like being protective of my person. All are warned in advance that protection of my person and life is a priority or eviction is assured. Overall it is a peaceful existence.

While I typically doubted the banishing’s you mention as the “sole cause” of the phenomena of deterioration I mention, I concede that this may be the primary factor in play.

As I think on it now… I rarely ever have feelings of fear. Other than unexpected or unwanted visitors, it is an energy that the Daemonic will not find in any real abundance in my home, so feeding off of this is not really an option.

Thus, perhaps the physical deterioration to produce the energy of pain is? Everything needs to feed at some level.

Other than a ritual sacrifice of Blood and the pain itself at the moment of an offering prior to a Sorcery Event- I had not considered this rather obvious clue before now. (It feels right as I contemplate that possibility.)

If so - the “Me Time” via a spiritual retreat suggestion may be a valuable vacation as well. The Necromantic Simon Exorcism and the Square of Healing is worth seriously considering and I honestly appreciate it.

Questions that come to mind…

a) What other “Protective Measures” do you use? and…

b) Do Angels such as Raphael willingly work healing with LHP participants such as myself? Is the Daemonic such Marbas a better choice?

c) Is it even possible to provide a source of “feeding” for the Daemonic without the need for fear, pain or ritual sacrifice of a 3rd party?

Beginning to see that leaving a portal open non stop in my home, is likened unto burning a candle at both ends continuously. If so, it is steep, but a fair price that I grudgingly admit can no longer afford.

(After I wrote this I considered not posting it, as I realized the conversation had spawned some solid answers in my mind and was not exactly complimentary ones - however, BALG is for me a place to share information and learn, thus I will post hoping that the experiences I have had will offer others the same as I enjoy here - unfettered access to truth and hard won lessons. This Phenomena of Physical Deterioration via is very real and does not cast a complimentary light on the myself or victims of it - perhaps that is why so little specific information is readily available. Not discussing it only assures it will continue needlessly.)

He works with me even though i’ve never been a Christian and actively dislike and seek to oppose that kind of religion, and he approached me after I’d been working intentionally with demons, so my personal experience is yes, that he serves a function, a cosmic force towards restoration of health, and not a specific moral or religious framework, and he’s also never even raised those things with me.

Summoning Angels is fine. Just because you practice the left hand path does not mean they will shun you out. I personally still call on Raphael often when I need healing done, even though the majority of my evocations these days involve demonic entities. Remember the whole point of it is ‘you are a god’, therefore remove any mental limits you have of what you can or cant do, or what you are allowed to do, no ones off limits when it comes to evocation.

Reserving post so I can answer tomorrow, as I am way too tired to form coherent answers

Steve Savedow, author of The Magicians Workbook and Goetic Evocation
discusses his illnesses that he attributes to the Black Arts on:

Maestro Steve Savedow on Goetia - Blog Talk Radio…/maestro-steve-savedow-on-goeti…riefly

Most likely caused by the Electronic devices…computer…neighbors WI fi first . Poisons in the air. Its not you. You gotta believe me I’m in the same boat. Some people are more sensitive to their surroundings. Crystals help these sort of problems

I’m not an expert in most of the areas you are specifically practicing in so I don’t know how to advise you exactly. I would personally take a personal consultation with E.A. or Nate Bales and see what they have to say.