The Bindu Chakra, The Zeal Chakra, and Yoga

Hey Guys,
I have searched the BALG forums and have yet to find enough satisfying information on the topic of chakras. I am looking for more information on the Zeal Chakra as well as more info on the Bindu Chakra. I am looking for meditations, yoga postures, tactile energy work, and exercises to activate/empower these chakras daily preferably in a yoga sessions.
I am currently building my energy bodies, my psychic senses and strengthening my spiritual sight. I would appreciate any help from knowledgeable practitioners.

-Cade S.

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Interesting topic. i Don’t use the chakra paradigm but did play with the bindu chakra in meditations…still do…More or less just focus on an area behind the back of the head…so far I note, I could tell if someone’s behind me even if i dont hear them by projecting focus there…I dunno what else it can be used for.

Kenneth Grant talks about it a little bit in Mauve Zone . Its a trippy point to work with for me.

Am interested in learning about other’s experiences and exercises on the subject as well.


I was looking into this a while ago, what I found is not conclusive but simply just what I found on the subject myself and what I could use.
Firstly, the Bindu typically the hindu shave their heads and leave a long strand at that spot they call the “knot of brahma” and tie it in a knot to aid in development, well im not shaving my head, so what I found is the hindu also use is sandalwood on the bindu chakra which is manageable. Some Places have mentioned head stand yoga for this , I have not really noticed any effects for this area with that posture, but there are other benefits from it.
The Zeal Chakra ,what I found is Meditating on the colour magenta, focusing on that area is a easy way to work with that chakra.