The 'big' people in this world

Hello everyone.
So for the last year’s or so I’ve been doing my research about the big people in this world (celebrities, politicians, riches family, etc…) and I was wondering if you believe it is being such pure luck or that if actually there is something behind the curtains…
For example the rotchild family (they leave an extra place on the table everytime they eat, theories say it is for Lucy itself); Nicki Minaj and her massive physical change and her alter ego (Roman); Madonna and all then controversial career she took on. This are just some examples of course, but I would love to know what is your opinion about this matter, and also if you believe, which entities are been summoned to help this people? (more curious about the artists ones though).
Let me know :slight_smile:

PS: This forum is absolutely amazing, yesterday I was mesmerised for hours just filling my mind with knowledge, thank you in advance :heart:


Beyonce definitely works with occultic energies whether she realizes it or not.

She literally channels the Yoruba Orisha Goddess of Love: Oshun in one of her songs in her album Lemonade, wears her favorite color and her symbolism and all is there.

Her album hints about ancient magical traditions as well: she talks about fasting for 60 days, wearing white , abstaining from mirrors and sex, growing her hair past her ankles.


The celebrity, media, and politicians are puppets nothing more, but you are right about the Rothschild family they own the world.


By the way who was it that asked me to curse this guy because that’s another one down and if you see the target you asked for get hit let me know because I’m not keeping as good a track since I went after so many.

I’ve literally cursed so many I can’t keep track of which ones worked out and which ones didn’t so I could use some help keeping an eye on the news. Basically if you see an enemy of the state and the president get owned let me know so I can check it off my list of its one of my curses.


Odd, I was wondering earlier how the world would be without certain bloodlines and politicians.

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I also believe that most elites are participating on some sort of occult or something with ancient knowledge. HOWEVER , i REALLY like to believe that aliens are controlling elites like Rothschild or Rockefellar Family and the rest of the world :smiley: and while Im at it , don’t you think our DNA is really similar to very advance strings of computer codes? who made an application/game and called it Earth ?

oh and yes I’m high and watched lots of UFO videos :D:D:D


I actually believe that as well. I don’t think a human family could be so uncaring and inhuman. But the aliens I believe are actually interdimensional beings that serve and ate part of the desert troll army.


Oh you just haven’t met some families that’s why