The BIG FAT 2021 New Years Resolution Thread!

The New Year is nearly upon us so time for those resolutions!

So let’s all 'fess up - 1 mundane and 1 magickal resolution. I’ll then dredge this in Jan '22 just to see whether we touched the sun or crashed and burned :grinning:

My tip from years of totally crashed resolutions is to never start on 1st Jan but later on in the year so it takes the pressure off.

My resolutions are to resurrect my dream journal and more mundanely update my Excel skills.

So what’s yours? Let the fun begin :smiley:


Mundane: Get my store running back stronger than it was this time last year.

Magickal: Finish fleshing out the creation of my own magickal tradition and settling on a name.


Mundane: setting boundaries (job wise. and prob. also with private contacts) for the sake of my health once and for all. Sounds simple enough and yet I’ve failed hilariously this year.

Spiritual: Every day one exercise. I don’t feel a specific pressure into direction XY since everything leads to something somehow, anyway (in my experience).


Mundane: Becoming fully financially sufficient through investment alone.

Magick: Perfecting astral travel for surveillance and intelligence purposes.


Mundane: nothing really, besides bring in more positive outcomes in my life.

Magickal: Not quite sure, haven’t really followed the whole resolution stuff but I would like to fully immerse myself in what I’m doing now from start to finish, which is more etheric projection with the fae, maybe immerse myself in druidism atleast in a way where I assimilate my core practices into, as well as use etheric projection to explore more lands and worlds, meet more entities.


Like every new year I make the same Magickal and mundane resolution: I’m not going to give up nicotine or caffeine this year! I’ve stayed strong and never broken that resolution. In fact, 2020ev saw me get into vaping nicotine salts.



Mundane: care less about things and do more keiryu fishing

Spiritual: find a way to go back in time and take the blue pill. The ignorant live in bliss.


Mundane: cut the shit and finally get back on track with getting back in shape, make sure my health is squared away, and focusing more on myself and less on trying to solve everyone’s problems.

Magickal: continue working with servitors, try to find more time to meditate, and spend time grounding myself.


Mundane: Finding new things that are going to support my life in the next years.

Magickal: Discard factors/individuals that don’t serve my interests.


Mundane: get 8+ band scores on le academic IELTS, reaaally think and decide if I want to continue teaching online or quit to pursue another degree, bond more with the younger brother by watching anime we both like, buy more chocolate Pocky/Pepero sticks

Magickal: finally start that divination journal + delve deep into a deck that’s not used or taken seriously much by most, continue magickal experimentations with little to no external tools or full-on help from spirits


Surfice Level :GGet bodily whise on the next level. Financial also. Building habits that support my overall healthy living and what I personally define as succes.

Middle: Sharpen my Mental game and overall knowledge be it materially in nature and spiritual in nature.

Occult level: I am being called by the Armanen current and I feel it deep in me I must pursue it there lies something that I definetly need for my growth and expirience. Succesfully complete my huge 2 year ritual the 666 Project. Learn to Astral project bether. Means I do it but it was never Councesly done by me only when I got into lucid dream state…when I sleep.
Getting to know the Indian yoga system bether.

So ya…
I think that will definitely make me busy.


Mundane: Become a bestselling author.

Magickal: To increase my magickal abilities and work with demons like I did back when I was Cornelius, my past self from the Dark Ages.


Mundane: start going to the gym 4 times a week like I had been doing for a few years. Also finally get my drivers license. lol :slight_smile:

Magical: learn more about different deities and demons. Understanding their depth and fluidity of emotions. I want to invest my time learning before I become acquainted to seriously working with any long term. I want to respect them as much as I possibly can.



Yes for the umpteenth time I’ve successfully not taken up a Heroin habit :grin: